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Fun trail run with wildlife and great views!

Great up and down easy. Blue sky everywhere!

Very nice easy hike. Got a little adventurous and took a more difficult trail up to a cave in the mountain along the way. One of my favorite hikes in the Organ Mountains.

Amazing! Great trail, kids had a blast and not too strenuous! If you like geocaching there a some great ones along the trail!

Perfect for a morning stroll. Nice and easy. I went in March and saw a half-dozen bird species. Great with kids.

Easy and nice trail. Excellent views

Lots of walking in soft sand. For first timers, the lack of good trail markers made for three detours 1/2 way up the mountain. My fault
but still....this made an “easy” wall into a moderate hike, interesting scenery and cactuses just starting to bloom made this mid-March hike into 3* instead of 2*. There are so many better trails in the Las Cruces area. This one is not worth repeating

Fun hike, not too strenuous. Great views from the top!

Nice, easy hike. If you feel adventurous you can get off the beaten path and explore a couple of caves along the way. Some of the cave hikes are quite a bit harder with steep inclines, loose gravel and some scrambling required.

Did this trail on a beautiful March morning. Nice breeze but not too windy. We are newbs to hiking but this was a very confusing trail. There are multiple trails at this location. Many of the trail markers are knocked down. And for your first time out there that makes it very confusing!! There are lots of sandy parts that make for tough walking, flat so not that, but you sink into sand a lot. So that’s something to keep in mind if you want to avoid that. Overall it was a beautiful hike, scenario is pretty, and the cows are friendly!! :-)

Excellent trail for running. There is plenty of shade and a waterfall. I'll make this one of my regular run spots.

2 months ago

This is my favorite trail in the Organs. Best in late summer.

We hadn't been here for 6 years. Found it disappointing today tho. At both the mine house & mine there was a bunch of trash, broken glass bottles, coals from people burning fires, graffiti on many of the rocks. The front of the mine looked completely different from before. Not sure if it collapsed naturally or someone destroyed it. This trail is very rocky but a steady incline up to the mine.

This trail is either really Sandy or rocky. not too steep, mostly flat. It is easy to get off trail tho as some of the markers are knocked down. Theres lots of cows & cow poop.

4 months ago

10/10 would recommend. The trail offered lots of views from the canyons, the waterfall and the mountains (if you are willing to go off trail and climb some boulders). We were there on an early Sunday morning and basically had the whole place to ourselves. Late afternoon we headed back and the trails started to get more packed and the parking lot was full. The trail is a very loose rock/gravel so make sure you have a good supportive shoe. We saw a couple of mule deer and really enjoyed our time there.

Really fun trail ! A lot of poop on the trail, so watch your step lol.

Great hike

4 months ago

A short hike packed with pretty sights.

This is a very beautiful hike. It is not too difficult and the views from the top are superb. Saw a lot of interesting cacti along the way. I really like that area a lot.

It's a very nice moderate hike with good views of the Organ Mountains.

This probably one of my favorite hiking areas in the Organ Mountains. Beautiful scenery and the trail is not very difficult. Have hiked here at different seasons.

4 months ago

Scenic and fairly easy trail. Nice views of the surrounding mountains. Have hiked this trail at different seasons.

I have hiked several sections of this trail during the winter . Fairly easy trail to walk on. Sandy in places but not difficult. Very nice rock formation.

5 months ago

This was a great trail for my husband and I who are in our 60's. Not too much steep terrain but definitely a little altitude climb. The views are great but one thing I noticed is that people don't pick up after their dogs! We probably passed by 20 dog poops ON the trail. We even passed one couple who's dog had just pooped on the trail, and they left it there. We offered them a dog poop bag and they thanked us... but once we passed... they didn't even pick it up! PEOPLE - if you don't pick up... at least push the poop off the trail!!!!

awesome trail, alot of potential for bouldering, climbing, lead climbing.......nice 3 mile trail. ....will definitely do this one again !

5 months ago

Really gorgeous place for a hike

perfect place to go hiking with your family, beautiful views

So impressed with these views! we went to the right at the first fork and hiked the long way round to the waterfall. you could basically walk straight to it, but you'll miss some of the best views if you do! The waterfall was low for our visit, but the area where it is was gorgeous and shady. perfect spot for a post hike snack/ picnic!

nice good inclined trail, went all the way to the end of the right fork and saw the plane wreckage. ...trial got lost a couple of times .....just follow the rocks in the stream downhill......good workout, over six miles in 3 and a half hours, 2000 ft elevation

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