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The dry, dramatic mountains above Las Cruces peak at The Needles, over 9000 feet in elevation. Spread out across the area are such features as the Dripping Springs Natural Area at the old Cox Ranch, the 57 site Aguirre Springs campground, the Soledad Canyon Day Use Area and numerous trails. Some - like the Baylor Pass National Recreation Trail and the Pine Tree Loop Trail - offer stunning views of both the Rio Grande Valley and the Tularosa Basin to the east. To the south is the Sierra Vista trail, a 27-mile mountain bike and equestrian trail that extends to the Texas border. Camping, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, scenic driving, wildlife viewing.

Nice views. Gravel trail.

Really fun trail ! A lot of poop on the trail, so watch your step lol.

This was an ass kicker! It’s an amazing hike to the peak of the Organs, but it is a very physically demanding and in your face hike up and down. It is definitely worth the challenge, but it is not for the weak minded and out of shape.

This was an all day adventure for us. We started early when gates opened and came down as the sun was setting. We took our time and it took us 7-8 hours. Bring plenty of food and water, good hiking boots, and pants. Keep eyes open for cairns to guide way up and down. It’s easy to sway off course. Use of recording on this app helped enormously. Plan for some celebratory beers afterwards. Gonna need them!!!

Took our time hiking the trail, yesterday. That being said, we got started at 8 AM and we were back at the truck just before 6 PM. Lots of great views and some challenging scrambling. It was a Saturday and we saw three other pairs of people hiking the trail.

Great hike

18 days ago

A short hike packed with pretty sights.

I Have only hiked a section of this trail a couple of times there are very good views of the mountains and the surrounding area. Many wildflowers and cacti can be seen during the growing season.

24 days ago

Very nice hike to the top of the mountain. Nice cacti along the way and beautiful views from the top.

This is a very beautiful hike. It is not too difficult and the views from the top are superb. Saw a lot of interesting cacti along the way. I really like that area a lot.

It's a very nice moderate hike with good views of the Organ Mountains.

Fun easy hike for the whole family that you can connect to other trails and turn it into a longer loop if you desire. Nice wide trail to hike side by side your loved ones with great history signs along route.

This probably one of my favorite hiking areas in the Organ Mountains. Beautiful scenery and the trail is not very difficult. Have hiked here at different seasons.

26 days ago

Scenic and fairly easy trail. Nice views of the surrounding mountains. Have hiked this trail at different seasons.

I have hiked several sections of this trail during the winter . Fairly easy trail to walk on. Sandy in places but not difficult. Very nice rock formation.

1 month ago

This was a great trail for my husband and I who are in our 60's. Not too much steep terrain but definitely a little altitude climb. The views are great but one thing I noticed is that people don't pick up after their dogs! We probably passed by 20 dog poops ON the trail. We even passed one couple who's dog had just pooped on the trail, and they left it there. We offered them a dog poop bag and they thanked us... but once we passed... they didn't even pick it up! PEOPLE - if you don't pick up... at least push the poop off the trail!!!!

We loved this trail and there are only a few areas that dogs are not allowed. Our golden retriever had a ball on the Fillmore Trail and we just didn’t go on the trails where dogs are prohibited.

awesome trail, alot of potential for bouldering, climbing, lead climbing.......nice 3 mile trail. ....will definitely do this one again !

Really gorgeous place for a hike

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