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The dry, dramatic mountains above Las Cruces peak at The Needles, over 9000 feet in elevation. Spread out across the area are such features as the Dripping Springs Natural Area at the old Cox Ranch, the 57 site Aguirre Springs campground, the Soledad Canyon Day Use Area and numerous trails. Some - like the Baylor Pass National Recreation Trail and the Pine Tree Loop Trail - offer stunning views of both the Rio Grande Valley and the Tularosa Basin to the east. To the south is the Sierra Vista trail, a 27-mile mountain bike and equestrian trail that extends to the Texas border. Camping, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, scenic driving, wildlife viewing.

nice good inclined trail, went all the way to the end of the right fork and saw the plane wreckage. ...trial got lost a couple of times .....just follow the rocks in the stream downhill......good workout, over six miles in 3 and a half hours, 2000 ft elevation

Wear pants or high socks, you will be scraped up if you don't!

The "real trail" is tough to find. Go through the Fillmore Trail gate with all the barbed wire. Continue to check your location as a reference to how far you are from the trail. It is a NARROW, small trail (probably how it earned its name). Stay alert the whole time, it's easy to lose track of where this trail goes. You will be climbing rocks occasionally and going through tight terrain (like under low trees, etc)

It took us 3.5 hours at a moderate pace to go out and back, with a 15-minute break at the "finish." Just remember to keep checking your GPS on AllTrails app to ensure you're still on the trail and didn't veer off to a more remote trail.

It's already an obscure trail, essentially a series of mini paths that lead through a Canyon.

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Very pretty

nice waterfalls

20 days ago

Lord of the send. 4:00 up, 3:15 down. #sendysunday

Quick and fairly easy! It was fun to explore the sanitarium.

I have been in the Picacho Mountain trails several times, and this time, I invited my granddaughter Natalia to hike with me by this beautiful canyon and arroyo around the mountain. It was a very pleasant day of October, we enjoyed a lot walking by the sandy arroyo and seating on the rocks to contemplate the beautiful landscape and watch some jackrabbits run. Next time we will walk up to the peak.

excellent trail, easy trail , nice old buildings, good trail for beginners

Fun hike with a great view. Last bit before peak is a little rough. Watch for cacti! :(

Nice views. Beautiful area surrounding waterfall.