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The dry, dramatic mountains above Las Cruces peak at The Needles, over 9000 feet in elevation. Spread out across the area are such features as the Dripping Springs Natural Area at the old Cox Ranch, the 57 site Aguirre Springs campground, the Soledad Canyon Day Use Area and numerous trails. Some - like the Baylor Pass National Recreation Trail and the Pine Tree Loop Trail - offer stunning views of both the Rio Grande Valley and the Tularosa Basin to the east. To the south is the Sierra Vista trail, a 27-mile mountain bike and equestrian trail that extends to the Texas border. Camping, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, scenic driving, wildlife viewing.

Good trail. Definitely in the easy/moderate spectrum. The waterfall was running somewhat with some recent rainstorms having hit the area. Take lots of water and sunscreen, the sun will cook you!

4 days ago

Some trail find ING skills are needed, but in general it's not a difficult trail to follow. Some parts are really strenuous, especially last leg through Dark Canyon to saddle. I didn't get to the summit, because I thought the first part of the scramble out of the little side canyon using the ledge was too dangerous. I did have to remove a lot of cactus needles out of my leg afterwards.

Fairly easy to hike and great sites to see especially when it has rain the day before!! Water streams are made!

Was really scared by reviews but went anyway equipped with GPS and tagging tape. Started from Modoc mine road at 6:30am and drove as far as we could (road gets pretty rough) then followed the road until it met filmore trail. Trail was pretty obvious and we marked out path as we went. We wore shorts but changed into pants after the juniper saddle. We went through the dark canyon (careful there are plants that sting) and made it to the east side. We were suppose to go near the saddle on the east side to climb up the easy way but we heard something in the woods, got scared, and started climbing earlier. Was pretty perilous climbing but we made it to the top and the views were incredible. WHITE SANDS. Also there were tons of ladybugs this season. Finding our way back down wasn't too hard once you find the eastern saddle. Great hike. Bring lots of water and leave bottles near the saddle and places for more water on the way down. Would highly recommend.

21 days ago