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The dry, dramatic mountains above Las Cruces peak at The Needles, over 9000 feet in elevation. Spread out across the area are such features as the Dripping Springs Natural Area at the old Cox Ranch, the 57 site Aguirre Springs campground, the Soledad Canyon Day Use Area and numerous trails. Some - like the Baylor Pass National Recreation Trail and the Pine Tree Loop Trail - offer stunning views of both the Rio Grande Valley and the Tularosa Basin to the east. To the south is the Sierra Vista trail, a 27-mile mountain bike and equestrian trail that extends to the Texas border. Camping, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, scenic driving, wildlife viewing.

Easy trail, even for this currently out-of-shape Southerner! The trailhead begins up the gravel pathway leading from the parking lot, to the right of the restrooms. A bit further up you will see the trailhead sign. Very clearly marked trail that alternates between gravel and dirt. Come for the dripping springs, stay for the ruins of Boyd's Sanitorium!

I loved the trail. The drive up to the trailhead provides an easy and direct way to get there.. (It’s also beautiful) ..

The parking lot is very large and provides trash bins if you need them. The trail is very easy to follow, wide at the beginning but narrows to a single file trail the further back you go. I would recommend going counterclockwise in the trail. I wanted to get a perspective view of the town of Las Cruces, so I took a very narrow, rocky and steep trail up to a point that I could climb up further and take some photos. Well worth it but could be treacherous on the way down if you aren’t in good physical shape or have had injuries.

Would recommend to bring lots of water as I went on a relatively cooler day (20C) and was still hot. Thankfully, I had plenty of water.

I would also recommend to go early in the morning. I got there at about 07:30 and didn’t see a soul from the time I got there until the time I left. It was very quiet with the occasional passing of a bird. Wear long pants if it’s cool, lots of stuff to poke and scrape you!

I highly recommend this relatively easy hike for anybody, views are exceptional! (And free!!)

7 days ago

This slot is a favorite of mine. Not shown on this route is that once you exit the top of the slot, you can continue around to the left and follow the ridge up to the top of a prominent anvil shaped rock providing a fantastic view of the area. There is a geocache on the top of the anvil.

11 days ago

I love this hike. It's easy, relaxing and enjoyable. The views are beautiful too! The trail is neatly marked and easy to follow. We always bring our dog on this one and she loves it. Not many loose rocks or things to climb. It's usually pretty busy, so if you're looking for some solitude - this is not the ideal trail. This is a great trail to bring visitors as they will love being in the mountains!

18 days ago

I was really surprised to still find water at the end of this canyon, in late November when the area hasn’t seen rain in 3+ weeks! Lovely hike but very crowded on Black Friday.

Out of the pass, the foot trail toward the summit is incredibly well-worn and easy to follow, clear up to the false summit. From there to the top requires a bit more route finding and attention. My 55-pound boxer mix was able to negotiate the scrambling.peaceful summit with a pair of old cans for a register. Loved this outing!

this was a beautiful moderately strenuous hike. Fascinating history and historical ruins. Advise water, sun glassed and sun block--even in mid-November. I didn't take any of the above and was alright, but best to err on the side of prudence. Best to hike it in boots because of the gravel and rock.


Has anyone seen fossils on your hike on the peak?

I heard there were fossils. If you did can you share were you found some

If Guadalupe is rated as "Hard" then you would have to classify this one as hard too.

I had way less trouble with Guadalupe as it is well marked, worn in, and highly trafficked.

The parking area is easy to find, right off of the highway. Close the gate behind you!

Once you park, walk approx 2 miles along the 4x4 road (totally driveable with a 4x4 truck/jeep if you want to just bypass all the walking) until you see the trail to your left leading up into the canyon. There are no official trail markings so do your best to follow the worn path and the stacked rocks. Once you get to the rock wall (which is easy to climb - take the right side) the trail disappears and you'll be on your own at that point to hit the top.

We ended up turning back after climbing the rock wall because it was getting too dark out, so I can't comment on anything after that. but we'll be back to reach the peak.

All in all it's a beautiful hike, top 3 in the Las Cruces area in my opinion.

beautiful in fall

,great trail

1 month ago

Great trip with the family. Well marked and maintained trail.

Trail itself starts out as a wide gravel path. The hike is not too challenging, but the mountain views are excellent. Lots of colorful rock formations and desert plants. Perfect hike for cooler time of year.

Good hike to do, specially after if rainfall to be able to see waterfall. Also easy enough to hike not too strenuous. Enjoyed it.

near city, limited rocks

1 month ago

Nice hike and the waterfall was running good from recent rainfall in October

This is our kids favorite trail to hike.

Fantastic trail!!

1 month ago

My friend and I attempted this trail on 10/15, but only ended up making it to the saddle due to time constraints and because we were pretty much smoked by the time we got there :) We used the AllTrails map and did not have any navigation issues. There are a few stray trails in the lower desert portion, but the cairns will generally keep you on track. Take everyone’s advice and wear pants as the trail is very narrow with a lot of cacti and other prickly plants along the way. Lots of scrambling and very steep once you get to the mountain. Also lots of loose rock, so you have to be careful on the way down. We enjoyed the portion of the trail we did, but come prepared for a workout!

This was our first hike as a family and we loved it! Beautiful scenery and not too hard, though I'd definitely recommend wearing good shoes. The waterfalls and Stone ruin are so worth it! We saw a variety of birds and have seen Mule Deer every time so far. Well traveled trail, but very Rocky in places.

Tip: if you're going after the waterfall and Stone house, follow the trail to the LEFT until AFTER the bench...we went RIGHT at the first fork and ended up going the LONG way around haha

2 months ago

Not too challenging. Old ruins of a hotel at the top which I beautiful.

2 months ago

it's a nice, easy walk but you do have to pay to get in

2 months ago

why pay $5 for dripping springs when you can come right next door to soledad canyon for free?! it has better views and a better waterfall as well. I highly recommend this trail.

2 months ago

My buddy Danny and I reached the summit 9/15/18. We made it to 7,300' feet the first day, just past the highest "campsite." Took us 3 hours with ~40lb backpacks. Made it to the summit the following morning in 2 hours. So 5 hours up, 3 hours down. If you're considering this hike:
1. Don't wear shorts, you will regret it.
2. This trail is not for dogs.
3. Bring at least 5 liters of water.
4. Expect no trail the last mile or so.

The overgrowth and lack of maintenance made for a grueling final ascent. Expect to scale multiple walls. Don't expect water. Watch for snakes. Great hike.

Loved this hike! When you get to the old kitchen/dining hall stay to the left and go up to the top of the falls area, there is a retention pond and beautiful views!

This was an interesting, woodsy, challenging trail that is different than many of the other trails I have hiked near Las Cruces so far. It feels less desert and more wilderness.

Park at the La Cueva picnic area and follow the Filmore trail past the barbed wire fence where it continues to Filmore Canyon. Shortly after the fence, you will see a fork that goes to the right. I went too far the first time and had to back track to find the trail. The All Trails GPS is very helpful in this regard.

The trail is mostly uphill the entire way to the Narrows. There are areas that you will have to push through some brushes/plants/sometimes with thorns (but mostly just leafy non-thorny brush). For this reason, I recommend to wear long pants.

Bring plenty of water. To give an idea, I drank about 2.5 Liters of water round trip. Take some food/snacks; you’ll need it. The trail is narrow and fairly straight forward for the first third but then some parts in the middle can get confusing. I would not have been able to complete this trail successfully without this app GPS. Bring an extra phone battery. I would have been in trouble had I not brought mine. I lost the trail a few times on the way there and also on the way back.

On the map you’ll notice a large fork in the trail toward the end. The Narrows are to the right. You will know you are there when you see very large, towering rocks and narrow, shady space in between.

This trail took me about 5 hours because I lost it a few times and also because I ventured about a mile past the Narrows to see what was there. I rate it 4 stars because it’s a unique, enjoyable trail but sometimes difficult to follow and the moderate (but manageable) amount of bushwhacking was not ideal.

I enjoyed the hike. I only made it to the plane wreck, but it was beautiful up there.

Most of the Sierra Vista in this section is a wide jeep trail with occasional washes. It's a pretty easy hike with great views from the east side, but the west side of the loop veers off away from the mountains. This is the big reason for the low score. The entire west section of the loop isn't very scenic, extremely rocky and Sandy, and the only reward you get after completing the trail is...completing the trail. However, this loop would probably be excellent for mountain biking for those with some endurance and skill (There are areas with heavy sand and large washes). This (Sierra Vista) may be a nice practice section for long distance hikers, but overall, there are many EASY to MODERATE rated hikes around the area that offer betters views.

Nice views. Good Trail. Clearly marked. Cool historic sites.

3 months ago

A lot of brush overgrown in the trail, don’t wear shorts. Also, I am fat and almost died I think. Other than that it was great!

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