Navajo Lake is New Mexico's second largest lake-more than 15,000 surface acres--and offers the full gamut of water sports and services.


Trailhead is just beyond the Simon Ruin Trailhead.

This trail follows the San Juan River upstream to the dam. It is usually closer to the canyon wall rather than the river.

The trails starts off easily enough with rocks bordering the trail. It soon becomes a single person wide trail. Eventually it gets to areas that need trimming (we bushwacked through these areas).

The trail has benches and picnic tables along the way.

It also goes through shady and sunny areas.

We did not make it to the end of the trail because we ran out of time.

My profile picture is of this hike! Super lovely but very hot, leave your older fur babies at home

Drove an hour to get out there to find the road blocked off. This trail is closed till mid april for “restoration”... bummer but decided to walk the san juan river trails instead and it was an absolute delight! NM has enchanted me once again

11 months ago

Great short adventure hike. Walk along a boulder filled shelf about a cottonwood filled canyon with live water. Very nice surprise

Monday, December 25, 2017

Easy with nice views of the canyon.

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