Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park is New Mexico's 34th state park, encompassing 300 acres of bosque (riverside forest) along the Rio Grande and 600 acres of adjacent Chihuahuan Desert. The park is a refuge for wildlife and a haven for people seeing the quiet enjoyment of nature.

Not much to see besides the river and like one view of a tree in the distance. Extremely easy.

This is not for avid hikers or those looking for a challenge. I've gone a couple times just to let my dog play in the Rio. It's nice and secluded. Honestly, dogs might not be allowed here (just realized it doesn't mention anything about being dog friendly), however, I always bump into people with their dogs. That being said, clean up their waste and keep them under control &, maybe, they don't mind!

There wasn’t much of a trail. It was extremely easy, and the trail didn’t lead throughout the park, which was a disappointment. The views on the trail were beautiful, and we got a close look at the Rio Grande, but if you would like a more challenging trail, look elsewhere.

three words. Too Many Mosquitoes.

Friday, December 22, 2017

I have been to this state park several times. The trails have been much improved and are easy to walk. Good place to see birds and get a good view of the Rio Grande.

10 months ago

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Wednesday, June 21, 2017