Nestled in the wooded foothills of the Manzano (the Spanish word for apple tree) Mountains, Manzano Mountains State Park is an excellent place for fishing, bird watching, photography, hiking and cross country skiing.

Had a great time, and the dogs loved it too! Easy to follow, bring water and lunch to have a picnic in the aspens at the top!

3 months ago

This route is not for anyone who is not super experienced and confident following a faint trail. I suspect you were one of the 2 guys my friend and I saw, Terrence.

I've not done this trail but I'd like to and am thinking about doing it this weekend. The only way I could think to contact you directly is via this review. When you say the trail disappeared, was it because it was in the canyon and overgrown so you can still directionally get where to go? Did you see signs for the Vigil or Yellowstone trails? BTW, you can contact me directly at to respond.

Very very hard to keep on trail, on ojito the trail disappears for about a mile and half but it's a awesome hike. Also keep in mind the west side is big bear country.

Good trail with a few hairy spots, magnificent views

horseback riding
5 months ago

Rode horse back to the Crest trail. Beautiful vistas, very difficult in places, I got off the horse at one point and walked as it got real rough! Not for the novice rider!

I would say teens and adults only. Absolutely beautiful but long.

great workout, great views

Closed Dec 1 - Mar 31.

Monday, July 04, 2016

nice hike family had a good time besides the fact there was a bee hive in the trail and we had to find another way around. I got stung on my pinky and head,lol. Only completed 2 miles.

This is a great trail that's not to steep and ends at the crest. A little ways to the south down the crest trail there is a short trail up to Galio Peak which is one of the tallest in the Manzano range with exceptional views of the whole world. I like to go a little futher to the south and head down Red Canyon trail ( a much steeper and some what shorter trail) makeing a loop back to the parking lot. If you do the loop it will be 7 1/2 miles. If you stop off at the peak maybe 8 miles.

This is my favorite train in the Manzano's. This trail heads up at a very steep climb along a small stream with several nice waterfalls. The stream may not be running June - July but some water most of the year. In a wet season be prepaired with some dry socks. There are alot of rock walls and the vegetation is fantastic. In July and August you can pick lots of different berries. When I reach the crest trail at the top I head north and come down Spruce Springs trail to make a loop. Altogether it's about 7 1/2 miles. Spruce Springs is a little longer trail but not as steep so for me it's easyer on the knees. ;-)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

This is a very nice trail. It's a pretty steep climb with great views of the Estancia basin. You will pass an area with large rock faces. After 2 miles you will start seeing lots of large aspen groves. Makes for a beautiful fall hike. This trails ends at the crest and a nice view of the back side of the Manzano's. There is not a peak near by.

on Monte Largo Canyon

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

This was a nice walk. We were only able to walk .7 mile. The trail was overgrown in places. We were able to walk around and contine the hike. However; what made us cut our hike very short was signs of BEARS. Many, many, many Very fresh bear scat on trail. The dirt road to the trailhead is good from the black top to TH. The last 3 mile is very rocky. I drove my KIA car, and some places were dicy. We just had to slow down the last 3 miles. At 5 miles from black top there is a cattle guard with a barb wire gate. Please close gate after entering and exiting. At the trailhead is a pipe horse correl at NE corner of the parking area. The parking is a fenced in area. The trail starts at the opening in the pipe fence. The trail starts out flat and rocky. be careful. after the flat area it smooths out to a nice dirt trail. you can either hike on the North or South side of the arroy. The south is shady while the North is an not maintain dirt road. You can not drive on this road. The forest service installed 6 feet monds of dirt to block the road.
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Friday, May 11, 2012

This is an OK trail by New Mexico Standards but if you are itching for mountains when it is still kind of cool, then this trail is warmer than most and there are some interesting rock formations. There are some springs that run into cattle tanks here and there and there is a stream bed, but I would not count on the stream. The last time I was there in March it was dry, even though there had been decent snow melt this year.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ox Canyon to Crest Trail 170 to crest trail 170A
We horseback rode this area September 2010. This is a beautiful area with the most variety of topo zones we have ever ridden and we have ridden mountain areas of SD, Wyoming, Colo and northern NM. We camped at the trailhead to Ox Canyon trail # 190. The campground is somewhat primitive compared to Red Canyon campground to the north of this one. But it is less crowded. We had the campground to ourselves. It does have toilets but no water. We watered our horses at a pond not far off the main road. The hike up Ox Canyon is forest with plenty of water seeping out of the ground. Once to the top you're on Crest trail #170. There you will find aspens which were turning colors when we where there. You need to go either left or right (south). South goes to Manzano Mnt the highest peak in the wilderness but you will be able ride/hike right to the top. Crest Trail is the only trail we've ever ridden that allows for views on both sides of the mountain, to the west and to the east. Great views to the west of the Rio Grande valley and Los Lunas. To the east the vast open land reaching out toward Texas. Past the mountain and continuing south you will ride in a burn out area. This is now trail # 170A. After which you will start heading SE. The worst part for horses was a narrow place thru some rocks that was steep and slick. Hikers will have no trouble. Eventually you will get to the campground at Pine Shadow spring. Before that the terrain will switch from pine forest to scub oak, catus and allegator juniper. What a change! How exciting. This would be a steep climb back up if one choose to. We ended up riding forest service road #422 back up to camp at Ox Canyon. This was an alll day ride. Rather then ride the road back we would have prefered to ride trail #73 Cotton Wood springs but for some reason it's closed to horse traffic. This is a fantastic area to hike or ride and the road to get there isn't terrible although high clearance vehicles would be recommended. Manzano Mnt wilderness forest service map is the guide we used along with a gps.

Monday, May 03, 2010

This is great hike. plenty of water in the stream earily in the year. has some nice rock formations. stock tanks and fire pitts line the trail.

1 month ago

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