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The Lincoln consists of three ranger districts: Sacramento, Smokey Bear and Guadalupe. There are three major mountain ranges: Sacramento, Guadalupe and Capitan that cover 1,103,441 acres in parts of four counties in southeastern New Mexico. Elevations range from 4,000 to 11,500 feet and pass through five different life zones from Chihuahuan desert to sub-alpine forest. Vegetation types are very diverse across the Forest and range from rare cacti in the lower elevations to Englemann spruce in the higher.

wonderful experience

3 days ago

perfect for beginning hikers! plenty of places to stop and rest along the way. beautiful scenery!

Excellent hike

West side ascent rocky but good work out. East side descent beautiful with a stretch of trail covered with pine needles. Lots of fallen trees. Path well marked and maintained.

starting from salado trailhead a pretty walk along fresnal canyon with views of the different strata. 1 1/4 mi to the waterfall... slippery when wet. fun run to the base of the falls barefoot if u have tough feet! awesome

A very nice hike with great views. Mileage listing for the FULL Plateau Loop hike is a bit misleading. From the lake parking lot trailhead the hike to the beginning of the loop at the plateau would be be about 7.6 miles out and back. However, the "loop" trail at the plateau adds another 3.4 miles for a total of 11 miles out and back. Hiking the plateau was almost completely flat with second half the the loop much prettier than the first half which had been heavily forested and was burned. We saw four wild mustang horses that didn't seem to like us being there but we're beautiful to see

trail running
9 days ago

Ran the loop in about 1 hour, 20 minutes. For the most part, trail is in good shape with moderate elevation gains and losses. Almost no one on trail after the 2 mile marker.

trail running
9 days ago

Took the pup on a trail run. Went about 2.5 miles up before the pup got tired. First 3/4 mile is a grind but with switchbacks and then becomes a little more gradual once you enter the canyon. Great hike late in the season! Take water!

Was really excited to try this one out but was very disappointed. It looked like there had been a fire (possibly a controlled burning) and the trail was very hard to follow, had to search for the trail ahead multiple times, many trees to step over, lots of overgrowth in the path, and very steep half of the time. Definitely needs lots of maintenance or at least a warning at the beginning of the trial.

18 days ago

Nice hike but on the high end of moderate. The last 1.5 Miles was walking a very loose and rocky dirt road of an abandoned house community. Looks like they got the roads and the fire hydrants put in but stopped. Now the roads are deteriorating to the point of difficult to walk down.

Very nice trail. Rocky so hiking poles helpful. Beautiful scenery. Game tracks. Enjoyed.

Beautiful trail. Great for a low key hike in the morning.

This trail has everything, great views, easy to follow, easy, moderate & challenging in different areas, lightly trafficked, just a really enjoyable trail to hike. I would suggest starting on T93 and then T92.

20 days ago

Very nice easy trail with some great scenery. We even saw an Elk towards the end of the walk.

This was my first trail to ever hike and it was amazing! Nice path to follow. Not to steep, but at times a bit challenging. The map says 6.7 miles, but Runkeeper app said 7.0. Some signage was a little confusing, but I’m a novice so it was probably just me. Definitely take water. I didn’t need a walking stick, but the other 5 people I encountered had them. It took me 2 hours 10 minutes, but I went pretty fast. I’m 51 and 120lbs and in pretty good shape. It was sunny and warm when I went at 10:00am, but big storms came in afternoon so make sure you check the weather. Would have been bad to have gotten stuck in that storm.

22 days ago

Started at T93 and the hike up was good. You will know when you start the steep assent up to the top. It can be steep at times but manageable. Once you make the top, the views are great. At the top, you will see the split where T93 crosses with T92. Once you start the steep descent down, it can be very rocky. The last 1.3 miles or so is basically a dirt road loaded with rocks of all shapes and sizes. Footing can be very unstable at times. That made the trail less enjoyable.

23 days ago

Love this trail, but be aware when the snow has come down. The snow sometimes melt and freeze over. It's not the safest when you're on an icy edge and not prepared.

Great trail. Beautiful canopy on most of trail with some beautiful meadows. Saw elk tracks, wild flowers and wild strawberries. Will be a go to trail for us for future outings.

Beautiful trail. Starts with a uphill hike but worth it. We didn’t see anyone and it was peaceful.

24 days ago

Good trail. Fairly steep at the north end starting point then a 1/2 mile in its all down hill; until you turn around, then a moderate uphill.

Awesome views of the lake. Saw 2 snakes, some lizards, a rabbit and some birds. Did not see many hikers until the end where it combines with other shorter trails. LOTS of switchbacks and a bit rocky at times, but well maintained. Signage can be a bit confusing. Had cell coverage the entire hike so you can see where you are on the maps. Bring water, sunblock and a hat if you plan on doing the entire loop as it can get hot and shade can be sparse at times.

Easy and pretty trail. It is well marked. The only section I would call "moderate" would be the last 1/4 mile or less with the steady incline.

nice clear, shady trail. nice views of white sands. bring water

30 days ago

It was 98* and had a toddler so we improvised and took the shorter fisherman loop instead. Not sure I would classify this as easy. It starts off easy around the lake but then there is a bit of elevation you go up. Should have planned to go swimming afterwards. The scenery is beautiful!

Nice morning hike. A little bit of a steep incline in places. We weren’t used to the altitude so took a bit to acclimate. Took the mine trail on the way back saw a small cave.

Not sure how this was before the fire but now it’s pretty hard to follow once you get deeper into the canyon. We actually weren’t able to finish it. There are some cairns along the way that we followed but we lost them eventually.

1 month ago

Awesome views, but very rocky. It is manageable though. Take bug spray during summer months. Saw several deer. A good family hike.

This was a very easy hike that my mom (70), Dad (67), myself (34), my wife (32, and two daughters (8 and 5) accomplished pretty easily. I even wore our two year old on my back. Do note that there really is intended to be a down and back trail which I failed to notice in the description. If you did that it would be 3.8 Miles. We parked a car at Winchester drive but there isn’t a real great area to park besides the side of the street outside of people’s houses. Also, there isn’t much of a trail or a marker that indicates Winchester once you are there. The main trail is actually about 50 feet below Winchester which you can’t really see from the trail. The only reason I knew I was there was the GPS. We hiked up from the trail to Winchester pretty easily even though there was no trail. The beginning of the trail to Winchester is 1.2 Miles actually. It took about 30 minutes.

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