Photos of Lincoln National Forest Camping Trails

off trail
over grown
washed out
3 days ago

Amazing trail with a spectacular view of Eastern New Mexico!
This is DEFINITELY a HARD trail and that's putting it mildly, take lots of water, have protective clothing, good hiking shoes, trekking poles and protection as you are in the middle of nowhere with wild animals (two legged ones scare me the most) and unpredictable trails (that are not always easy to follow)
NOTE: You do not Conquer Capitan, she conquers you, and if shes nice she let's you see some of her splendor, if she doesn't want to let you up its no reason for 2 or 3 stars because of uncleared trails KEEP IT NATURAL, that's what makes her so awesome! Have ice pack and heating pad ready when you get home!
Plan to have a whole day to devote when hiking this trail to summit. It's not an easy up and down but its rewarding!