9 months ago

Beautiful and challenging hike, we hiked it early August. Thanks to the good monsoon season it was amazingly green with tons of mushrooms along the way. The trail is shaded almost the entire way with the river running parallel to it. I am however surprised this trail is rated moderate; it is an aggressive incline the entire way up, rarely letting up. I would rate it an advanced/hard trail. But once you get there it's beautiful and worth the work. Latir Peak hangs overhead and great campsites around the lake. We didn't make it up to the peak, but will be back to head up for sure.
We got a nice mountain drizzle for a few minutes but lucked out and it cleared up to a beautiful afternoon. Tracked roughly 9 miles up and back and 2,360 elevation gain. We didn't end up doing the loop. It's an ass kicker for sure, especially with 25+ lbs on your back.