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Beautiful scenery, a quiet natural setting, and easy access make Hyde Memorial State Park a favorite picnic area, campground, respite, and base camp for excursion to the surrounding Santa Fe National Forest.

Walked it today. No signs of dogs or poop. Very pleasant hike with a low difficulty and nice views. Paths are very well marked.

Beautiful. Quiet. A lovely escape

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Wouldn't rate this as an easy trail. It's all down hill on your way in. Once you pass the stream it's up hill, I hiked well pass the end of the trail according to the app and didn't see any of these peaks and clearing. Just a wooden "teepee". So if you are going to see an amazing view good luck! I couldn't find it. The hike out with the incline is why I'd rate this trail moderate.

Not sure where these pictures showing summits are from, but that isn't this trail. Like a previous reviewer said, it is mostly downhill first, then uphill on the way back. The trail itself is very nice, and crosses a stream and a couple meadows. However, based on the length and amount of incline I'd rate it as moderate. Also, out of staters who live at sea level will find this hike pretty challenging. My wife and I were fine, but our SoCal friend was not :P

24 days ago

This trail is a favorite little trail we do. We have lived in Santa Fe a year and this was one of our firsts. It's easy and quick and you can still get a little workout in. Friendly people, lots a dogs and well hiked trail.

the trail was nice and marked.... after reaching the end i tool another trail that i ended up hiking 13.6 miles.... overall was a nice trail

Nice easy trail, great for the whole family.

Great beginners trail. I took my dog and we enjoyed the scenery and cooler weather.

Beautiful, easy, shady. Perfect!

No bears this morning...

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1 month ago

A very beautiful and fun trail!! it was raining a little when we got there but that just made it even better. It's mostly downhill in and uphill on the way out. And it's definitely good for doggos and kids.

Beautifully maintained, exquisite views and outstanding marker system. Trail maps and numbers at every junction.