Beautiful scenery, a quiet natural setting, and easy access make Hyde Memorial State Park a favorite picnic area, campground, respite, and base camp for excursion to the surrounding Santa Fe National Forest.

2 days ago

Great trail. My 6 year was able to complete.

This was our first trail after moving here to Santa Fe. I must say this trail was AMAZING!!! Spectacular views, easy to follow trail. We definitely are coming back!

Beautiful view at the top! Moderate climb but it's totally worth it! Didn't find the waterfall trail in this app, but if you're doing this trail follow to the waterfall, it has an amazing view as well!

11 days ago

Awesome hike at Chamisa Trail today!!

12 days ago

Beautiful hike, though I'd probably rate it moderate/challenging. Just when you think you're done hiking uphill, there's more uphill to hike ;)

A couple things to keep in mind: One, the hike costs five dollars. This is a hike through the Hyde State Park not the SF National Park. So you have to pay a day use fee. I'm sure you could "get away with" not paying but I personally feel a trail this well-maintained is worth the five bucks.

Second thing to keep in mind: About a mile and a half before the hike ends you cross over the highway to continue the trail. It gets a little confusing so I recommend taking a picture of the trail map at the trailhead. There's not a lot of cell service up there so being able to reference the picture on your phone would come in handy. I wish I had done that. I got lost. But still a great hike!

26 days ago

Great day hike in the forest.

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27 days ago