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Trail head was a split in the fence: although it was blocked by brush I managed to access it. The first mile easy the find, but once your on top of the peck the trail goes cold: I ended up doubling back via a slope to the north... once back toward the bottom I noticed the trail winding around the back side ( south). I would do it again. The hike was beautiful and the geology was fascinating.

Never found the trail head. Hiked an hour in 6in of snow trying to find it. There are several parking areas that seem to be ok to park at

Friday, June 23, 2017

Both, my gps and google maps took me the wrong way to get to this place. From Airport Rd. and Cerrillos intersection go east for roughly 3-5 miles. You'll come to the brown historical site sign and see a parking lot.
For the next bit, I had to make two trips to the site because there aren't hardly any directions once you get there. Follow the wooden arrow signs up to the cliff. An arrow points up. It's a very rocky and semi-dangerous climb so be sure to have some good boots on. Don't climb over the cliff, the Petroglyphs are on the cliff wall. Go left and you'll see a vague path. If you go right, you won't see hardly any, and waste a day like I did. There are hundreds up there, maybe even thousands. When you look down to the dirt road, roughly when you align with the fork in the road, you'll be near the glyphs. If you continue going left the path gets more rocky and eventually turns into private property; go there at your own risk.
Take lots of water, I went through a gallon. There isn't much for shade up there. It seems like a good spot for rattlesnakes, but I didn't see any in my two day visit. If you want an easy way to get back to the parking lot, try to find a way to the top of the cliff and there's an easy path to follow at the top.
You'll hear occasional gunfire up there, but it's coming from an outdoor shooting range a Camel Tracks a few miles away, and they shoot in the opposite direction of this site. I'd say the entire experience is roughly three hours long with a short stop for a lunch break.
Again, takes lots of water and wear some good boots, the trail is short but very rocky. And, please do take care of the ancient glyphs. Some jerks like to go up there and scratch their own garbage into the rock face.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

We were SO surprised with the poor state of this "trail"... there wasn't a clear path to follow up to the petroglyphs at all!!! From the arrow pointing up at the bottom of the hill, there were no further signs. Boot prints were everywhere supporting the notion of a free for all to get to the top. The only reading I give this more than 1 star is the petroglyphs themselves...

The trail head is a simple indistinct opening in a fence line along the side of the road. From there the trail is relatively well marked to the top of the nearby peak. The view from above is worth the climb which took about 30 minutes. If you continue along the trail to complete the loop, you will be mostly bushwhacking as the remainder of the trail from the peak is almost indistinguishable. However, it is during this second portion of the hike that petroglyphs are visible in the canyon beside the stream. It was a fun and adventurous hike. For a more tamed version, climb to the top of the peak, take in the views, and climb back down the way you came in.

Monday, February 06, 2017

great, easy trail. hiked up quickly to see the petroglyphs and it did not disappoint!

Diamondbacks give fair warning, need to pay attention. The drawings are worth the time to experience.

A nice spot to walk around for a bit. Coordinates for the petroglyph site were not correct, follow these directions instead: http://www.blm.gov/nm/st/en/prog/recreation/taos/la_cieneguilla.html

The petroglyphs were wonderful and view from the top amazing. Trails were not as fun, rocky and not directed to the glyphs. I'd still check it out, unless you have knee issues.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Think we did the La Cienega trail instead of the La cienguilla trail with the petroglyphs, it was ok.

Thursday, March 01, 2018