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The Gila National Forest in southwestern New Mexico covers 3.3 million acres. The Forest multiple wilderness areas including the Gila Wilderness which was the first officially designated wilderness in the United States of America, in addition to Aldo Leopold Wilderness and the Blue Range Wilderness. Visitors to the Gila National Forest are met with the stunning Mogollon Mountains, deep canyons, and forests of ponderosa pine and juniper woodlands. Popular activities include hiking, horseback riding, soaking in hot springs, viewing the historic gila cliff dwellings, and wildlife viewing. Within the forest you will have chances to see bald eagles, black bear, bighorn sheep, and peregrine falcons.

1 day ago

Very nice hike. Seems more like 3.5 or 4 miles though. The dam is a little tricky to navigate, but there is a trail through the rocks down the western wall (it's a little steep so take it slow). We took our dogs and it was a lot of fun. Beautiful area, most of the pics online don't do it justice.

Just as the name says, it is a beautiful trail that has a large section that is a catwalk grate right over Whitewater Creek. The catwalk section is attached to the canyon wall. Incredible.

2 days ago

Great hike! Saw several deer and even a few cows roaming the mountains! The trail is cleared but about half way to Sawyer peak you have to watch the trail closely as it isn't as evident as most portions of it.

loved this water hike!!!

Loved the secluded camp ground about 4 miles in on Little Bear. Underestimated the heat on the first 2 miles, started at 2pm, should have went out earlier. LOVED the backend of the hike all downhill in and out of the river.

Short shaded walk from Lower Scorpion camp. Neat small two room dwelling with a few pictoglifs and really cool larger glif wall the opposite way.

I was disappointed with this trail. I had read good reviews about it and so I put on my agenda to hike during my visit to Gila National Forest. It starts through brush that has remnants of a fire which was not good. I hiked two miles in and decided I had enough. I could not see hiking in further. I would look for a trail in the actual forest instead of this area.

This is mostly an ohv trail. It doesn't turn into a hiking trail untill 2/3 of the way in. Very busy, people riding ohvs all hours of the night.

26 days ago

Nice moderate assent/descent. Did not get hike fully recorded. This was my first solo backpacking trip. I picked this trail because I felt safe knowing I would have cell service. I also picked a cooler than normal weekend as I know this country can get very warm in the summer.

27 days ago

Started from Woody's Corral. Nice pleasing climb out to the approximate 3 mile intersection with Little Creek, Little Turkey Park. From there some ridgeline walking with peek-a-boo views of the Gila Cliff Dwellings. Next intersection hang a right to drop into the EE canyon. Toward the bottom be careful of a short trail encroaching section of poison ivy. Before getting to the first West Fork Gila River crossing look for Grudging's Grave on your right. Use AllTrails app to locate using cell GPS. There total river crossings. At the Cliff Dwellings walk back on the road to Woody's. Mid June temps about 90.

Did this as part of Jordan Hot Springs. Easy hike mid June with temps of 90. Lower Little Bear as it approaches the Gila Middle Fork is exquisite. Lush, green, and nice canyon walls.

Did this for a 1-day out and back via Little Bear Canyon. Total time out was 8 hours. Have a good water shoe plan. Each river crossings has fine sand making it sandpaper on the feet when using Teva watersandals. Maybe tennis shoes with wool socks would be a good way to go. Did it mid-June. About 90 out. Used most of my 3 liters of water. The hot springs we're a nice break. No one there on. Friday at noon. Little Bear Canyon is a treat in the lower portion. Very lush.

over grown
28 days ago

Pretty cool trail. The mining sights are neat to see. Fishing was horrible. Don’t waste your time

Beautiful woods and creek. Burned out areas are coming back. Trail disappeared after the 2nd mile. Had to turn back due to an injury. Will try again!

off trail
over grown
washed out
1 month ago

super beautiful area. Saw 2 people in 36 miles. HOWEVER THERE IS NO TRAIL. Must have a local guide who knows the game and hunter trails. Rugged wilderness ,even with good maps and excellent land nav skills almost impossible without a guide who knows how to get down that 600 ft canyon wall, knows that that that drainage has an impossible 1 mile pile of boulders 1 mi down, etc

Nice trail alongside beautiful Lake Roberts. But about 1/4 mile after re-entering trail by parking/fishing area, the trail just stops and it was impossible to get back on. Also a very steep part of trail near the dam. Disappointing overall.

This was a wonderful trail. The hot springs were perfect after a day of hiking. The first part of the trail was a little more difficult with the elevation change and the heat. I would recommend starting early in the day to beat the heat. But once we got into the canyon the temps were perfect. We used old running shoes and wool socks to cross the river which worked better than sandals or water shoes in my opinion because it kept most of the sand out. I look forward to doing this trail again.

This is a fun, short hike off the end of Hwy 15 where the Gila Cliff Dwellings trail starts. 3 river crossings of the West fork of the Gila River are needed to get to this destination. Boots will get completely wet. We wore Tevas and walked the slippery river back to the trailhead when done. The headstone can be seen from the West Fork Trail (151) after the third river crossings looking left (south) at GPS location 33.23468,-108.27680, where there are two rocks (one stacked on the other). The grave is at GPS location 33.23428,-108.27698.

We started out on Little Bear Trail at TJ Corral..our route was to do the loop clockwise, with a detour to Jordan Hot Springs. The scenery on this hike was amazing! Something new and awe inspiring at each turn of the river. Daytime highs about 80 degrees, nighttime lows in the 60s (6/5/2019 - 6/8/2019) except for the evening of 6/5/2019...a cold front came through and nighttime temp was about 40. The ascent up the mountain got a bit hot because we started late, but once we crested and started the descent there was shade and cool in the canyon. Jordan Hot Springs was refreshing. The river was cold, but felt good. We crossed the the river 50+ times (not exagerating) so your shoes will get wet. The trail going up and down the mountain is mostly hard packed soil with some rocky sections. The trail along the river ranges from hard packed soil, to rocks, to mud, to deep sand. We saw a handful of other hikers, most who we saw were around the hot spring. Lots of places to camp - even for our group of 10. There are caves WAY up in the cliff faces, and a few have trails leading to them. Not many wildflowers this time of year, but everything was really green. No rain, but each day, late afternoon, a great breeze blew down the canyon. What an amazing hike!

1 month ago

I did this as a 3 night trip and spent some time fishing near Hell’s Hole. Great trip! I hiked the loop counterclockwise to get the climb out of the way early. Note: There was no water up on the mesa. Great views and easy to follow trail. The 12 miles down the West Fork Trail were slow going. Countless stream crossings and some overgrown areas so slow down and spend some time looking up. The canyon is spectacular and truly awe inspiring. Saw several deer and caught some of the locally famous but rare Gila Trout.

1 month ago

It was an enjoyable enough hike with decent elevation gain at the beginning. Meeting and taking to the range at the lookout was nice. Black Peak was worth hiking to as it’s the highest in the PA range, but not much of a view. Quick hike best enjoyed with company.

1 month ago

Great views along the trail and from the top of Jacks Peak. No water available along the trail. No others on the trail during our weekend hike/backpack trip. We camped along the trail just before the gravel road that goes up to Jacks Peak. Lady bugs all over at the top!

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