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4 days ago

Easy to find. A sign off Hwy 180 directs you to Arenas Valley Road. This road is paved for mile or so. When the pavement ends, you can see the parking lot for the trailhead. A generous lot for hikers/bikers & a separate lot for horses. Loved this trail! Scenic with mountains & desert. Easy trail until you start following the creek, then a little rocky. The petroglyphs were cool. Climb the trail into the rocks to see the dragonfly.

Excellent trail but thank the gods for AllTrails for showing me which fork to take! As others have said, the first part is poorly marked. Interesting to see the cactus and pine together.

All of the different trails in this area make it hard to decide which way to go. I had fun doubling back and doing loops. The area is ripe with ecology and geology. I could hit these trails 1000 times and still come away feeling enlightened.

Overall, great hike! Very high walls of the canyon, lots of different formations and coloring. Notes below:

- Took the Mineral Creek Road past Alma, several miles to follow after that I’m packed gravel and dirt. Easy to get through, just an FYI, but may be an issue during a rainy period.

- Small trailhead, no water or trail info unfortunately.

- You will cross water MANY times! Do yourself a favor and get water early to get it over with, in my opinion. Be careful on the rocks, many are slick or on uneven foundations. Lots of fun jumping from bank to bank at parts.

- Mile makers were tricky to determine. I saw one piece of rebar conspicuously hammered into the earth followed by two pieces and three pieces later. That may have been a marking system, wasn’t tracking my distance.

- Terrain includes loose rock, sandy shores, earthy grasslands, small boulder scrambles, and much more. I’d say this is on the more challenging side of moderate.

Even with this minor observations, still an excellent trail.

3 months ago

Very good trail for a beginner, well marked and well maintained.

Gorgeous hiking but terrible markers! Come on, put up a couple trail signs or at least arrows indicating which trail is which.

We went during the fall and the leaves on the trees near the stream were breath taking. It takes a little while to get out to that area but its peaceful and we didn’t run in to any other hikers even though there were around five other vehicles parked at the trail head when we arrived. I think if the sun had been out partially the hike would have been more vibrant and interesting. We hiked on a cloudy overcast day in the morning. We did see some deer. I might go hike it again in the summer so maybe we can see some dragon flies.

Beautiful canyon with a running creek. We are 54 and made this hike October 28th. It's the perfect time of year, weather was sunny and cool. The creek was running and you will need to cross the creek numerous times. It is shallow but in certain areas the rocks are slippery.
We hiked to the mill and back which was 7 miles. The canyon and trees provide great shade and we were the only ones on the trail.
Highly recommend this hike!

on Dragonfly Trail

6 months ago

Beautiful easy trail.

on Mineral Creek Trail

7 months ago

Go there! It’s about 1 1/2 hours NW of Silver City on hwy 180. Well worth the drive. Gorgeous scenery and yesterday, Oct 14, there was lots of water in the creek. You will cross the creek many times and there are not always stepping stones, so have the right footwear, or just resolve to have damp feet. There are a few places that require crossing over smooth rock surfaces and it is slippery! If you have balance problems or are afraid of falling, beware. My husband slipped and fell into the water and banged his knee. No serious damage but it demonstrates my point. I love this trail! You can hike for many miles and I look forward to doing so on future outings. We went just three miles in and loved every bit of it (except the fall). Take a picnic lunch and sit on one of the many large flat rocks overlooking the creek.

A must do!

8 months ago

For me this hike took 1:40 minutes. I met a couple on trail and woman w/2 dogs, one on leash, another off. I have been on this trail twice before but never completed the loop because I did not know what to expect. With Alltrails I know now what to expect on a trail.

9 months ago

One of the best kept secrets in New Mexico. Super fun hike in water. We'll do it again and again. Wear water shoes! Bring the kids.

9 months ago

Very nice parcial shade nice petroglyphs

Tough trail backpacking. Good camp sites. Beautiful views. Well marks slot canyon with good running creek.

trail running
11 months ago

Flat well maintained trail network. You can extend the loop by starting left at fork: Cervis Corral to twin sisters then dragonfly. About 6 miles ( I didn't take gps).

mountain biking
11 months ago

Beautiful ride! A bit more moderate on about 30% of the trail.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

My Wife and I hiked this trail about 7 days ago and really enjoyed the views. Great inclines and plenty of locations to stop and see the vastness of this part of New Mexico. It was about 2 hours to the peak and what a clear day to see all around the area with more than 10 miles visibility.

Monday, April 03, 2017

Really great hiking area, cool dragonfly trailhead and located in beautiful and relaxing exciting silver city, New Mexico!!! I have been here with friends over 5 times and it's relaxing and great every time! Dog friendly ;)

Monday, August 29, 2016

With reference to the Jo Miller review above: the "directions" to this trail don't take you anywhere near where it is actually located. The Rain Creek Trailhead is reachable by taking Sacaton Road. From Silver City, take the 180 westwards to Cliff. Turn right onto the 211 at Cliff, then left onto the 293 (IIRC). Around mile marker 3 on the 293 is a left turn onto Sacaton Road (dirt road that climb up out of the valley). Continue for many miles along this road and the trailhead is on your right, very obviously signposted.

on Dragonfly Trail

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Nice long walk with petroglyphs along the canyon. Dragonflies at the waterhole chasing around so worth the trip. Beautiful and peaceful when I went thru but with bikes maybe not ;0)

mountain biking
Sunday, August 14, 2016

So pretty!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Tried to hike the trail today... It is a neighborhood!!! Very upscale houses and lots where the trailhead should be. Followed the directions given by all trails to a tee. Was hindered by progress instead

Sunday, June 05, 2016

When you start out, if you take the left fork, when you go past the rock wall on your right you'll come up to a fork in the path, take the right side, even though the left side looks more travelled...take the right. There wasn't a sign telling which path to take, so we took the left side, and eventually abandoned it after it seemed it was going the wrong way, and there weren't any signs or markers on it. Anyhow, we got back on track by traversing a little hill. My little ones had fun. We went on June 20-16. ZERO water in the river beds, ZERO insects, ZERO wildlife. All in all, we'd do it again :)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

This is our very favorite trail that we have hiked in New Mexico. It is absolutely gorgeous! My 11 year old son says that he thinks this is what heaven is going to look like. There is foliage, wildflowers (at the right time of year, of course!), waterfalls, fabulous rock formations, soaring canyon walls, and a natural stone arch. You have to hike through the creek to stay on the trail, but that is part of the beauty of the trail. This is good hike for children--my 6 year old did it with me and my 11 and 13 year old children. We just love it, and we will be back soon!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Fished this section several times always love it

on Dragonfly Trail

Monday, April 06, 2015

Awesome little trail that winds through cactus and rare trees seldom seen in thus part of AZ in a lush green Valley. The trail hugs a little creek and there are several crossings. Great for walking the dogs. Just bring bug spray.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Moderate, easy hiking trail. My favorite time to hike to hike this trail is fall and winter. It is not great on sunny (little shade) or windy days (not much to break the wind.)

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Nice relatively flat easy trail. There are a bunch of connecting trails at this location. There's a small pond and a creek which was relatively dry during the time we hiked it.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

One of my favorite places in New Mexico. However, the last time I was there about 2008, we discovered that the trail would no longer be maintained. Without maintenance this trail would be fairly treacherous. There are some steep inclines, rocky areas and narrow ledges. Once you get down to the creek it is just beautiful!

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