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4 days ago

My favorite hike in the area. The canyon of the Middle Fork is beautiful and impressive, the wading/river crossings are fun. Little Bear Canyon is fun too, the hike out of the canyon is okay. From TJ Corral to the TH of the Middle Fork you can try to follow the river instead of using the road.

One of the best kept secrets in New Mexico. Super fun hike in water. We'll do it again and again. Wear water shoes! Bring the kids.

This is more Moderate then easy. Very little shade but well worth the walk the river is beautiful when we went the river was too high to cross so hot spring was not there

18 days ago

Very nice parcial shade nice petroglyphs

Nice short trail in arroyo there is water but no hot springs

25 days ago

1 month ago

We set out to hike the West Fork Trail to iron creek lake, then return on the Meadows trail back to the start. When we got to the Ranger station at the park we saw on the map that the trail had only been cleared to Hell's Hole after the fire. So we shortened our expectations. When we set out the trail looked great, easy to follow, cairns and signs aplenty, water nearby. Then after about a mile the trail basically disappeared. We had topos and we knew the trail didn't leave the river for any length for a long way, so we trudged on. Finally we realized that the trail and the river were the same. If we tried to leave the river we almost always ended up back tracking to the river and wading in again. We made it to Graves Canyon, about 3 miles in before we decided to camp for the night then reverse course back to the park. It was spectacularly gorgeous, and the only signs of humanity we saw were a lost compass (score!), a hair scrunchy and some spit out gum (really?). But it was grueling. I had my fishing shoes in my pack which worked ok. I came back with several blisters. But my wife only had her boots and a pair of flip flops. She was determined to find a way back without wading, but finally had to concede and just walk in wet boots.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail! Past the lookout tower, the trail is nearly impossible to follow. Attempted to hike about a half mile past it, due to down trees, and overgrown trails, had to turn back and decided to make it a day trip (11 RT). Also I'm not sure this trail to the junction is 18.7 but more around 22 miles. After talking with the ranger, he was very skeptical that it was 4 more miles past the lookout to the McKnight Road junction, and judging by the map we reviewed, I'd agree.

Great scenery, we were with small kids and was good, but we still didn't go the whole way.

It's a great hike!! Beware, if you take cat walk up, lots of bikers are headed downwards and you'll only have a few seconds to step out of the way…it's all uphill too lol
Toothpick breaks into multiple other trails and overall is a wonderful hike!

horseback riding
1 month ago

You need to be in good shape to hike this trail as it's about a 3,000' climb outgoing. We have recently (June 2017) managed to clear this trail for horseback riding and pack animals. However, there are a large amount of leaners over the trail and they will be coming down and blocking the trail for the next decade. Don't go in without a saw.
The 225 trail is washed out and not usable. It disappears in the first switchbacks.

Perfect for kids and families. Bring water hiking sandals and have the kids wear swimsuits.

1 month ago

Tough trail backpacking. Good camp sites. Beautiful views. Well marks slot canyon with good running creek.