on Sierra Del Cristo Rey

13 days ago

this was a wonderful trail for a beginner like myself! and the view from the top is amazing!!

Windy but great views

beautiful hike. gorgeous views of NM, TX, MX. I wish people wouldn't vandalize the statue. the restoration team was heading up to cleanup

Very nice view of New Mexico, Juarez and El Paso. Awesome photo opportunities!

Very nice. Amazing view.

8 months ago

mountain biking
9 months ago

Nice trail, amazing city view!!!

awesome experience definitely going again

We have done this trail two times, both with family and friends. The second time on October 2015, we hike about 6 miles because we started from a parking lot near McNutt Rd. We think that the best month to visit it is October, the day of the celebration. Many people walk to the top this day and stay for the mass. The trail is easy, wide and in good conditions, perfect for the family. Once at the top you can, if you want, pray for a moment and enjoy the view of El Paso and Juarez. You have to arrive early to find a parking lot near the entrance.

Nicely maintained trail with good views of the city. You have to drive a short distance on a dirt road to get to the parking area.

Enjoyable, great view of the surrounding land. Had a nice breeze on the hike that made it even better.

10 months ago

A great family hike. There were at least 30 people out on the trail this morning. It really provides a unique views of El Paso and Juarez.

11 months ago

It's a fairly easy hike. The entrance and final climb is a little steep. I had my 3 kids out there on the trail and they all made it the whole way except for the youngest who is 3 years old and he only made it 3/4 of the whole trail.