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The Overlook trail was okay but NOT handicap accessible. It was covered in sand and pebbles. The Canyon trail became confusing to follow and the 50 or so cows were not happy to have us around. We couldn't see the art on the walls in the sunlight, just the graffiti.

Difficult to find petroglyphs

Initially, I visited on a breezy spring day and traveled most?of the 4 mile loop. It was quite beautiful and easy enough without being boring. Good signage for the most part until You leave the grassy area and come to a rock outcrop/Canyon wall. I tried following several dead end paths, but never could get all the way around. I think it’s overgrown and that possibly some of the rock cairns have been knocked over. I tried finding my way from the other side of the loop as well, that didn’t work out either!

According to the map at the picnic area, there are three loops that are connected together and spurs that go along the canyon rock where the pictographs are. The pictographs are awesome, although they have been heavily vandalized. How stupid do you have to be to carve your initials over ancient rock art?

I hike with my dogs and they love running and playing here. There is a spring and a creek that runs through the canyon, but bring water, of course. It’s hot!
Not that far from Springfield where I’m staying on a work contract ... I’ve been here a number of times and I love the place even though the proper trail path eludes me!

I'm not entirely sure that the Map Trail is accurate on this one. This place is amazing. I did not purposely hike the trail here, I spent most my time wandering around looking at all the ancient native American drawings. I'm looking forward to going back to this place.

We drove out to the Tri-Point Stone. We didn't know it was a trail. There are no markers, but it was neat to see if you're in the area. We also explored the dinosaur tracks a few miles down the road from the stone. They're closer to the trailhead for the Black Mesa highpoint, though.

6 months ago

it's a shame this isn't tagged as an historic site, there are 1000s of years of history on the trails in this area.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

it was great. Comanche grasslands, full moon, dinosaur tracks....owls hooting, skunks tripping down the trail..it's a long trail. prepare well.

Friday, August 12, 2016

I did this trail as an extension of the Picture canyon trail. A lot of variety. nice desert hike. Take plenty of water. The trail is a little hard to follow past the pond.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

You can drive it or walk it, the trail is clear but not well marked. Near Oklahoma's Black Mesa trail, but you have to drive into Colorado to access it from this point. Not much to see, just a chance to walk out in the wide open to a minor point of interest. But if you're in the neighborhood, do it. Its on federal land.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

This is an easy hike to some petroglyphs on the canyon walls and to an old homestead. If you do the full loop you continue up a canyon where there is a small arch before returning to the trailhead. The trail after the homestead gets harder to follow. I give it a five stars because their is nothing else in the area to see but open grassland. Otherwise I would of rated it a three. Yes, it is worth seeing.

A great trip plan is to also see Picketwire and Vogel Canyons a little northwest of here, (south of La Juenta, CO) at the same time. These sites also contain petrographs, dinosaur tracs, an old spanish mission, and more.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

It was hot. Way hot! We needed every drop of water we could had and it was fortunate there was a spring on the far side that we could refill at. The trail goes from visible to marked only by post unevenly spaced across the prairie grass. The pictographs are very mutilated which is so sad, they look like there were amazing at one time. The hills and cliffs are nice, great colors at sunrise and sunset. We saw one big buck which was very nice. Outside that, there was little wildlife. The spring we got water from was very nice, had a pipe sticking out that made getting your water easy. However, the mosquitos were BAD just before sunset. Not sure if the would be as bad during the heat of the day.

Definitely a trail we would try again, but only in the winter months.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Surprising and interesting hike. Pay attention to posts! We took a wrong turn and ended up in Oklahoma.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

A wonderful little walk, beautiful. The cactus was blooming. The trails was easy to find and follow.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hiked to the petroglyph along the overlook trail and then back along the Vogel Canyon trail. There was so much graffiti along with the actual ancient markings we couldn't tell which ones were the actual petroglyphs and which ones were done by the dick drips.
It was pretty hot so we did not stay out too long.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Picketwire canyon is remarkable and unique with the dinosaur tracks and ruins, indian rock art, and general desert environment with its panoramic views. Plan well, primitive camping at the trailhead, no water. Purgoitory river not the best source for water on the trail, though we used it. Extreme heat in mid to late summer, plan accordingly. We stopped at the dinsosaur tracks and went back. Plan on returning to go all the way to Rourk ranch.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The canyon trail was very scenic and varied in what it had to offer. The indian cave art is hard to find and faint, at least what I saw. But that did not diminish the beauty of the area. Nice cliffs, natural springs, desert landscape. Greatly enjoyed the trip to Vogel Canyon. There are three other trails in Vogel. Take the time to do them all.

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