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A well maintained and marked trail. Definitely a moderate trail. It gets your heart rate up.

4 days ago

Hard hike with tons of rocks. Recommend doing during fall or early spring.

Very beautiful location. Visited last on 9 Sept.18. It was closed. I was kinda disappointed to see they cut down quite a few trees etc. at the entry where you park. I really hope that is because they are going to upgrade. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Great hike, some up and down, great views of the city and the mountains! Some shade, but a hat and water definitely needed.

15 days ago

Great trail to hike. Took my 8 year old son and we had lots of fun.

Great trail. Not too many people. Came across two groups of two horses, several dogs and we saw a black bear!!! Not 100 ft from the trail. It ran fast an opposite way when it saw us first. Very exciting!!

Nice hike, cool temps in the morning!

Nice trail. I thought there were a lot of bikers, but I went on a Sunday. I went the counterclockwise route and am glad for it. If you don’t mind a steeper climb until the first junction then it makes for a nice gradual downhill hike out when you get into Tunnel Road. Will definitely do it again but only on a weekday when there aren’t as many bikers.

Nice trail right outside of ABQ. Beautiful rock formations. Not much shade. Much fun. Namaste

Easy to follow trail, lots of up hill climbing. Mostly full sun, so start your hike early. We'll be back.

Fantastic views of Sandia Peaks. Fairly shady but excellent work out!

Really nice trail, climbed my own trail for a bit before realizing the trail went the same way. Love the boulder outcrop 2.5 mikes in, great view

Wasn’t really impressed. Lots of winding trails to choose from. Very open. Pretty views but wouldn’t do again.

So I’m fairly new to hiking/backpacking with only about 100 miles under my feet so far. With that said, however, parts of this trail were pretty hard compared to trails with a “hard” classification. My daughter is very active and even she had a tough time. This trail is BEAUTIFUL and totally worth the sweat and effort despite my previous statement. If, like me, you’re newer to the hobby just be aware that this will be challenging and then GO!!!!

1 month ago

The trail was beautiful but a little more sun than I like.

Great hike! Great views. Downhill so conserve your energy for the way back!

on Tecolote Trail

1 month ago

Very easy and short trail. Nice views at the top. It did get a little crowded at around 9.

This was a beautiful hike on a perfect day! Amazing views from the top! It was a challenge with all uphill going up but so worth it!!

Definitely use the Alltrails app to record your hike as there are many unmarked trails along the ridge.

1 month ago

It was okay. Biggest drawback is that the first half is on a dirt road passable by a capable 4WD vehicle when not too muddy. Luckily it finally turned into a nice secluded single track for the way back. Passed only by one runner on a weekday morning. Nice and quiet and no bikers seen although tire tracks in the dirt suggest that cyclists as well as off-road vehicles do use the trail. Good shade walking through the juniper. No views. Very flat and easy trail (who named this??). No water for dogs.

Did this trail clockwise at midday, when it was 97-99 degrees and partly cloudy in abq. The weather up on the mountain was much nicer! It’s a truly lovely and varied loop that only lacks sweeping views (there are a couple of nice glimpses to the east). It feels very remote and there’s lots of shade (even at midday). I didn’t see much wildlife until near the end, on the approach back to the picnic areas, where there were lots of birds, including a BIG woodpecker, Orioles, and a bunch of Steller’s jays. More variety of foliage in this area, too.

There’s a Medallion Tree along the way, just a bit off the trail (and marked). You can find info online if you’re not aware.

The trail starts and ends on paved road. It doesn’t last long at the beginning, but feels like a long way at the end. You can get off the road if you look for trails that run alongside through the picnic areas, like Acequia Trail. If you can, plan a little extra time to wander around the stream area. I saw a huge array of insects on the arnica daisies, and there are interpretive plaques.

I liked the elevation gain over the first few miles — it felt like exercise but wasn’t brutal. Lots of climb a bit, then there’s a flat stretch, that gets steeper as it goes on. Going counter clockwise would, I think, be much more taxing, with one long, moderately steep climb.

The reviewer who says it goes by the road the whole time is mistaken. This trail is nowhere near a road, and is very quiet. There is one high point where you can hear I40, only briefly.

334 foot elevation gain doesn't make any sense? Please find the correct elevation change.

Very beautiful trail with grass and flowers. The north-facing view at the end was great. We came back via the north crest trail giving us some shade and some westward views. We had to hike on the road for about 1/3 mike to get back to our car. Total distance doing this route was 6.7 miles.

2 months ago

Trail is closed until further notice as of July 8th, 2018.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail but could use some maintenance. Lots of rocks but overall we had a really good time. Bring plenty of water, the way up is almost completely uphill.

Nothing spectacular but this novice hiker enjoyed it thoroughly.

3 months ago

This was a good hike, I took my kids my youngest is 8 years old. It was challenging enough to keep their interest but not so steep that they were calling for breaks every minute. The trail is very rocky so I would keep that in mind if you were to trail run; I would power hike this one. Typical forest setting, there was a small aspen grove, plently of shade and every so often a view out towards Edgewood. Wanted to go further and connect with the Crest Trail but my kids and their friends had enough.

Steep climb but great vistas!

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