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Great trail, probably the best we have done in New Mexico to date. The first mile and a half or so is through a pine forest and then some aspen groves. The trail then completely opens up to provide some magnificent views. There are definitely a few sections that will elevate the heart rate but nothing that will beat your feet up too badly on the descent. Bring something for the wind as there is little to protect you from it.

My 5-year-old son and I made it up and down in 6 hours, including a 30 minute lunch and 45 minutes hanging out at the summit. He wanted to turn around at the switchbacks, but after a little bribery he made it all the way up. He was quite proud of himself. The trail was reasonably easy to follow all the way up and down.

Wonderful hike. The trail is in okay shape and well marked. Beautiful area with nice views.

Sunny and warm! Love the transitions.

First, note that the map and some of the depicted track on AllTrails isn’t correct. But, you should be able to sort things out with the track loaded in your recorder. I went clockwise, walking down the forest road for a while (this is one of the most significant errors on AllTrails since the road to the trail head isn’t even on the map). I would recommend instead of strictly following the track, just stay on the road until you get to the Continental Divide Trail. This is definitely a pleasant hike with mostly decent trail conditions. My recorder put it at 8.9 miles total for the loop; it seems typical that the distance listed by AllTrails is a fair bit shorter than it really ends up being.

Excellent trail. Not very difficult, most of the strain was a result of the altitude not so much the trail, as the trail itself was not terribly difficult so long as you watch your footing on the way back down. The amazing views all the way up and relative ease make this a cant miss. The trail got a little washed out in places but cairns and signs generally made it easy to stay on track. Notes on getting to/from the trailhead from Grants NM. Google maps will try to take you down a private road with no trespassing signs to access the trail head. However if you keep going on 547 you’ll get to Forest Service Road 193 on your right and a parking area on your left. Turn right and go down 193 and stay on this for a few miles. It’s a well maintained dirt and gravel forest road, a little washboardy in places but a sedan with enough clearance could make it. Takes a while to get there but the gooseberry springs trailhead has a big sign and parking area announcing it. On the way out, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND GREEN AND HOLY IN THIS WORLD JUST GO BACK OUT THE SAME WAY YOU CAME IN. If you continue to follow the forest service road 193 beyond the trailhead to get out you’ll end up on extremely rough, boulder ridden and large rock road that take you up a flank of the mountain and then zig zags down around a small canyon over even more rough terrain before finally leveling out and spitting you back out on to 547 worse for wear. I have a full size SUV and it hit the bottom a few times on the rocks (luckily no damage except to my psyche). Unless you’ve got a lift job and a sense of adventure don’t event attempt it! It took me an hour and a half of navigating that road to get out!

I went up the road last time I was here warning last mile of road up to trail head is narrow dirt and rough the gooseberry trail is well used steep but worth the effort lots of rest stops for this 72 year old

We went up on a beautiful day. Had a late afternoon shower that turned in to hail at the summit. what a beautiful hike with unbelievable panoramic views in many spots. The continental divide is remarkable. we didn't see but a single young buck a couple of chipmunks and Cow all over the mountain. The hike was not a difficult one. It only had 1 hard area. The trail opened up to a meadow and the trail had a steady growing incline. It's barely noticeable to the eye, but you feel it. took a little under 2 and a half hours to reach the top (we had a moaning and groaning teen with us) and just over an hour to get back down. watch those rocks on the way down

Great hike. Trail easy to follow through forest and up the mountain. I did take the wrong path about a quarter mile from trailhead on the way down but not much of a problem as the trailhead parking lot was 100 yards to the right. Great views.

no shade
4 months ago

We had a great hike to the summit today. The weather was perfect!

5 months ago

One of our favorite local trails - especially lovely in the spring with the wildflowers!

5 months ago

This is just to say the WiFi at La Ventana restaurant in grants is exceptional! 13 beers on tap . Full liquor bar. Really good food ! A must stop on your journey

Great view on the Mesa. Nice ascent the whole way up. Beautiful views

Really great hike. Road up to the trail head was a little rough. Great views up top

This was a beautiful hike on a perfect day! Amazing views from the top! It was a challenge with all uphill going up but so worth it!!

Beautiful trail but could use some maintenance. Lots of rocks but overall we had a really good time. Bring plenty of water, the way up is almost completely uphill.

Beautiful sights! Some loose rocks so be careful. When my friend and I went today it was super windy towards the top. We both took our dogs.

Sun Apr 29 2018

Great trail to Mount Taylor. The road out to it is fairly rough; we had no trouble in our SUV, but I wouldn't want to drive a low ground clearance car to the trailhead. We met several other groups on our Saturday late morning hike. The elevation gain starts out as moderate and gets steeper as you near the summit. It took us 1:45 up and 1:15 down. (We took a more leisurely pace on the way up with a couple stops and were quicker on the way down due to rain clouds rolling in.) The trail is easy to follow. Great views from the top. No snow on 4/28.

Not too hard at all. There wasn’t too much snow on the trail at all. We completed it on Feb 10. Took us about 3ish hours, but we are typically slow hikers. Enjoy :)

This trail is only hard in that it’s constant elevation gain - I wouldn’t consider it technically challenging etc. I went on Feb 8, 2018 and drove a Nissan Quest minivan all the way to the trail head without issue. In the morning it was fine; by afternoon the road had softened in areas and became too slick for a novice driver (but otherwise manageable in low gear). The trail itself was a mix of dry surface in addition to hard snow, iced snow, and slick mud. Weather was beautiful and sunny. Overall this was a nice climb through woods and up onto the grassy mountain top. Don’t expect huge payoffs on the views until you reach the switchbacks. The 3rd or 4th switchback is a fakeout and wraps around the slope toward your left, out of sight. While windy at the top, the sun was warm and skies clear.

Since we live 1.5 hours from the trailhead, we hike Mount Taylor frequently. We've summited in August, September, and October thus far. We'll be purchasing snowshoes soon so that we can continue to summit through the winter months.

It was a pretty hike but since you just go up hill in some spots, it can be a bit hard. The trail was easy to follow and toward the top there is gate(to stop cows) so you will need to open it up to make it to the summit. When we were up there, there was smoke so the views were not so hot, but still worth the effort. No access to water on the hike in September, so if you are hiking with your dogs, bring water for him/her. FS Road 193 has gravel which makes it passable in a VW GTI. Make sure you wear sunscreen on your legs because your back will be towards the sun as you go up.

Beautiful views at the end of the hike, difficult but very doable. This trail loses a star due to not being marked very well, I had to circle around a couple of times before making the correct turns; can be frustrating.

ohv/off road driving
Mon Jul 17 2017

Pretty easy hike, the route i took. You can make it a 2 mile hike if you drive up most of the way and you can drive al the way up to La Mosca lookout. While i hiked to the summit, you can pretty much drive any med-clearance vehicle 4x4 on FR 453 until about the last 1/2 from the peak. Where you'll find a downed tree and trail disappears into the forest. I'd rate the off road condition 7/10. Washboard dirt road leading up to FR453 at the end of FR547.

Excellent hike with amazing views, pretty forests and high mountain meadows. Road has been worked on and should be passable for most vehicles.

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