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Gentle On The Bones

Start the hike at Roots Farm Cafe down the road. It's a gem of a coffee shop.

This is the hike you do when you want to get the blood moving, but don't want to work too hard.

The valley is probably the best part. It's pretty peaceful.

The climb is well groomed and easy going. You could run/bike it if you wanted.

Check it out. No spectacular views. No waterfalls. Just a good hike.

Short and Sweet

45m up, 30m down. In return you get to enjoy large conifers, ferns, and the strange absence of any cactus. Once you see daylight through the trees go straight up (I.e. Not left or right), unless you want to walk the entire crest. The beautiful view at the top greets you with 20kt winds, so bring a jacket if you plan on staying up there for more than a "My life is so amazing" selfie.

If you want to make this hike special, take your little lady to "Tinker Town" on the way back. You're in for a real treat, trust me.

2 days ago

Nice, quick little hike. Good one for kids. Not a lot of water at the falls this time of year, though.

on Travertine Falls

2 days ago

Very nice trail. I went in may and there was still snow up top. It was more difficult than expected, once you've reached what you think is the top.... You're half way there! Absolutely worth it though.

Wonderful trail! The trail was easy to navigate and featured a wide variety of plant and animal life. Parts of the trail are closed from March until August so there were a few detours, but again they were very easy to follow.

8 days ago

Secluded hike. Great for practicing way-finding, as the trail can be difficult to follow on the way up due to the large number of fell trees in the canyon- but, there's no risk of getting lost on this hike. Follow the trail the best you can, it'll cross the stream many times, leading you to the back wall of the canyon. The waterfall was only a trickle when I went in mid-march. The back left wall of the canyon is a series of slabby granite boulders that you can climb up to get a better view if you're feeling adventurous. My dog wouldn't follow me up past a certain point, as it does get pretty steep. Overall super enjoyable.

12 days ago