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The road is closed down to the parking/picnic area and trail head. At the road closure turn left and go 700ft to another parking area. There is a trail at the far end of the parking area that will connect with the Armijo and Faulty Trail Loop. It adds about a mile to the hike, which my app said was 5.1 miles when I made it back to the parking area. Really nice trail, probably my favorite so far since I started hiking in the ABQ. Well marked and maintained trail with lots of shade. Stop by the coffee shop in Cedar Crest on your way back out and have coffee.

7 days ago

very nice and easy hike

Nice trail on well maintained gravel most of the way. Uphill is tougher than expected, but very nice. Fairly private with very little traffic during a weekday. Really liked this trail and the views.

Pretty nice and average difficulty trail. Finished with my friends at a very recreational pace and within 2.5hrs.
It can be better accessed once the picnic area is open.

14 days ago

15 days ago

I checked out some of the trails encompassed by the 10k road which is a horseshoe with singletrack trails inside the loop. I found out that there are even more trails on the east side of the horseshoe. There is a smaller parking area about 1/4 mile east of the main parking lots with additional trails to the east. I'll be back!

19 days ago

my favorite canyon!!

Great hike wish the waterfall was more but it is a desert.