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the stairs at the switchback get slippery. beware.

Great views

Not too hard at all. There wasn’t too much snow on the trail at all. We completed it on Feb 10. Took us about 3ish hours, but we are typically slow hikers. Enjoy :)

trail running
8 days ago

great for running, despite the rocks it's doable.

Nice and established trail. Many mountain bikers on trail.


This trail is only hard in that it’s constant elevation gain - I wouldn’t consider it technically challenging etc.

I went on Feb 8, 2018 and successfully drive a Nissan Quest minivan all the way to the trail head. In the morning it was fine; by afternoon the road had softened in areas and became too slick for a novice driver (but otherwise manageable in low gear).

The trail itself was a mix of dry surface in addition to hard snow, iced snow, and slick mud. Weather was beautiful and sunny.

Overall this was a nice climb through woods and up onto the grassy mountain top. Don’t expect huge payoffs on the views until you reach the switchbacks. The 3rd or 4th switchback is a fakeout and wraps around the slope toward your left, out of sight. While windy at the top, the sun was warm and skies clear.

18 days ago

Really enjoyed the walk... Question for veteran NM hikers. We saw lots of animal droppings on the trial (someone has been eating berries) - what critter might this be?

20 days ago

Beautiful Trail, but wasn't extremely well marked...Also, pretty sure that it was longer than 3.5 miles...Or maybe we got off the trail somewhere? The views were fantastic! Definitely worth the hike! The road going up is rough, so make sure you have a worthy car!

The top of the mountain has a gorgeous skyline view of the mountains and the City of Albuquerque. My German Shepherd also enjoys this trail. At the trailhead, they do have a bathroom facility. I recommend you go early, as there is limited parking.

1 month ago

All signs are rotted, fallen or missing. Felt like we got lost or on wrong path so we set off in the direction of our car then randomly hit the trail we were originally supposed to be on... cute trail with some nice views but ended being almost 8 miles and put me in a bad mood feeling off track.

We hike here with the kids all the time! plenty of shade, and easy going. trails are pretty rocky, but not too bad. It's always quiet, & we've only ever seen 4 people total out here. oh, and some good geo caching along the trails too. some micro sized, & other good sized caches.

1 month ago

This is a nice short trail that takes you to the crest trail number 170. The difficulty of this trail system is not bad. It begins rather easy and quickly changes over to a steep grade that last for about a half mile. After the steep grade the trail continues to gain elevation mildly. Once you hit the crest trail it is either north or south from there. A short hike north offers great views of Valencia and Torreon county. From this point there are several options you can do such as continue north to the fourth of July trail and make it a loop trail. You can continue hiking north on the crest trail where you will meet a fence that has a gate to open and from this point a little farther north opens up to awesome views of Bernalillo county.

I have also backpacked to the top and have camped off the crest trail close to the point of where Cerro Blanco and the crest trail meet. You have an opportunity to see amazing sunsets and lots of wildlife. The major con is the lack of water, I had to hike up lots of water to have for drinking and meal preparations, needless to say I do this just as an overnight.

Checked out the trail today! A gorgeous morning on a great trail. It was a constant incline but nothing strenuous. The views are great. Traffic was low on the way up, but higher on the way down. Snow on the top. Can’t wait to hike it again.

Well marked trail, steady incline, great views. Snow at the very top.

South facing trail that has a good incline. Definitely want to hike during the cooler months. Nice views at the top of trail.

This is now one of my favorite hikes in Albuquerque! Beautiful.

Beautiful views. Great place to enjoy the sunset!

great hike and some good exercise accompanied with ace views. definitely a popular trail so don't come here for solitude but in all ways a nice way to spend two hours outdoors.

and for those so inclined the trail connects to others if you wanna keep trekking....

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