no shade
27 days ago

The longest trail. Leave enough time to see everything.

1 month ago

Usually takes around 2hours but we made it in 1hour because the park was closing in 2hrs. We have done the trail multiple times so we were used to the trail. It was overcast and started to rain/snow. Worth the hike to see Ruins from above.

Make sure you go early and on a cloudy day. You need a lot of time to reach the really big ruins and there is no shade.

Super fun, must-see day hike recommended to my kids and I by a park volunteer that we met in the campground—I am so glad he told us about it! Basically starts at the bottom of the cliff behind Kin Klesto and climbs up through a kinda-scary-but-exhilarating steep crevasse up to the top of the plateau, where you walk along the beautiful and interesting swirly strata of the cliff ledge until you arrive at the stunning overlook view of massive Pueblo Bonito below. An essential short but hot day hike for anyone persistent enough to brave the horrible roads leading out to Chaco.

3 months ago

Beautiful, so much fun. Great views. The terrain was rough. There is mostly climbing on rocks up the mountain, so it was a harder hike, great for younger people.

5 months ago

Only had a day and a half at Chaco. Getting there (lots people complain about the dirt roads in) more than worth it. I’d say, with respect, those complaints are overblown when considering you’re accessing a world heritage site and one of the most amazing things you’ll experience. We took shorter route in from the North. Rangers and hosts super helpful. Camped in the walk-in tent spots at Gallo. Definitely do the guided tours at 10am daily. They’re incredibly knowledgeable. This walk was amazing: a must do. Very short, just obviously bring water. Will be back for more exploration in future.

on Pueblo Pintado

10 months ago

Photo scramble. Chaco culture outlier ruins. Detailed rock vener. Beautiful at the golden hour!

Mon Mar 11 2019

An easy short trail right next to the visitor's center. The ruins aren't as impressive as Pueblo Bonito, but they are still a marvel.

Sun Nov 04 2018

remembering... a trip worth the ice packs

an amazing view of Pueblo Bonito!

Wed Oct 24 2018

this site is on the Penasco Blanco Ruins site trail and as far as the cyclist can take their bikes. easy hike.

Great place to look down on Pueblo Bonito complex

Thu Nov 09 2017

Easy gravel trail leading to pueblo ruins. Be respectful, ALL of Chaco is a sacred place.

I love Chaco culture in general! The history is amazing (they found jars full of cacao beans-chocolate) and the hikes are absolutely beautiful!

Great place to take kids

Great hike to oversee Pueblo Bonito. Different perspective, helps to understand the size of the various pueblos. Fun climb up a crevasse to the cliff top from the valley floor.

Other than climbing a narrow passage, there is not much needed for this trail than walking. The overlook of Pueblo Bonito is stunning and if there are people walking through it, you can really appreciate the size of it.

Fri Aug 26 2016

A minor site at Chaco.

Fri Aug 26 2016

One of the minor sites at chaco.

Loved it!! Hiking to the top was awesome and absolutely breathtaking!!

Thu Jun 16 2016

great history, one of many ruins at Chaco.

Chaco historic sites has great trails, ruins very significant, great for whole family. Do the more remote hikes to really take advantage of the site.

Nice walk through some very ancient ruins. Found some petroglyphs high up on one trail.

Nice easy path with ruins.

Indeed, the road to the site is not paved but not as bad as some reviews describe. I have been in roads that make this one look like a paved super highway. It is indeed worth the drive because the site itself is very interesting with ruins you do not often see. The hike is very nice and best on mild weather, I would not want to try it during summer.

Fri Nov 13 2015

Another easy trail. More sites. Be sure to pick up literature at the trail head with numbered sites to give you the full overview.

Fri Nov 13 2015

Very easy trail next to the visitors center. Lots of puddles after a brief rain shower. Impressive until you see the other sites.

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