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We hiked to the summit this afternoon. Started from the lake at 11:15 and back to the car by 2:45. Shortly after leaving the lake, there was some snow shower that got heavier as we approached the peak. Conditions at the peak were pretty rough, 50mph winds and hard pelting snow, but it was well worth it. The conditions improved rapidly as we descended. The views between the lake and the summit were incredible, and trail is smooth other than a few rock fields that must be crossed.

19 hours ago

Very easy trail. Especially good for kids. Our 4 year old did it with no problem. Some houses throughout but we only saw one other family on the trail.

Great trail, warm at the top today! Well marked and well kept!

We took William's Lake Trail up and Bull of the Woods down. The extra length of Bull of the Woods trail started making the descent very laborious. A ton of steep declines and rocky. The trail is beautiful but very long. I couldn't imagine going up that way, the amount of elevation gain on Bull of the Woods as opposed to William's Lake trail is something to seriously consider. An easier and faster overall hike is definitely William's up and down.

We went up this way to the summit of Wheeler Peak. It was by no means easy and we rested multiple times. Time up was 3.5 hours. But the views from the top were worth the hike, it was incredible! We took Bull of the Woods trail on the way back and though the views early in the trail were awesome the 7.5 miles really started to drag and it took almost 4 hours back that way. Wouldn't recommend adding it to your day unless you really, really want too.

Beauty of a hike

off trail
5 days ago

Took a UTV up and did fine. Pretty busy on a Sunday afternoon. A Jeep could definitely make it up but I’m parts it’s too narrow to pass. Watch for bees. Gorgeous aspen trees turning gold and orange. Some parts are pretty steep and rocky with drop offs but I would stay this trail is easy - moderate.

Hiked this trail and summited the peak. We took the wrong approach to summit but it ended up okay. It was super beautiful! We used the address provided on AllTrails, and the road was rough for about half and hour. I drove my CRV and bottomed out a few times.

Great Hike!

This is a pretty difficult hike. Spirits were good at the top even though fun level quickly went from 1 at Williams lake to a 4 because of the wind and the rocks and the steep ass climb. We had a lovely snack at the top and then boogied down and by the time we got down to the bottom we were just dead, but nothing that some hearty food at the Bavarian cant fix! Take layers and snacks and be ready for some ass kicking.

7 days ago

Climbed August 30, 2019 We went on up to Wheeler Peak from horse shoe lake! We left Middle Fork trail head at 6:00 am and got back at 6:00pm. It was a totally awesome experience! Between 16 and 17 miles round trip! Have to admit the trail from horse shoes lake to Wheeler Peak is steep most of the way! Over 1100 feet gain in elevation in a little over a mile!! Wanted to get down off the mountain before dark so didn’t get to stop and enjoy the beauty as much as we would have liked to! Next year we are planning on making it an overnight trip!! Lost Lake and Horse Shoe Lakes are just beautiful!!

9 days ago

It was a beautiful moderate trail. Went with two small pups for our first hike in altitude since we arrived and it was a good balance of challenge and ease.

Neat place. Easy to walk.

At the beginning of my hike, a couple of fellow hikers handed me a “lucky rock.” Always a good sign. Yes it is rocky, but the Aspens were magnificent! I was only able to hike 5.1 miles of this trail, but I enjoyed it. I am 63 & getting back into hiking.

Dirt road to the trailhead and up to 6% grade, loose gravel, recommend 4x4. The hike to the lake is about 2 miles and a gradual climb through the beautiful wilderness. The hike up the summit was another 2 miles and was pretty difficult but totally worth it! very windy at the top, pack layers and gloves and bring hiking poles. No snow, very little mud, trail conditions were great. Our dog completed the hike with us. took us about 5 hours total.

Relatively easy hike out and back. Disappointed that the first half mile was through an area of downed trees with lots of cut wood piles so it appears as though there is an effort to rid some of the fallen trees. With all due respect the “lake” is really more of a pond. All in all it was a decent hike but we surely did enjoy the beer at the Bavarian which is right there as you finish this hike

11 days ago

Straight uphill and steep trail through aspen and pine forest. The first 40 minutes is strenuous but worth it when you arrive in a small meadow surrounded by towering aspens. Spectacular especially in October when the leaves are changing. The trail continues up but not as steeply and the seclusion and quiet is wonderful.

Was very tough for a fat boy, but I made it! Very windy at the top and I went down the backside. Saw one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen, I believe it is the guy that wrote the review below this one. But he had a 4 year old and a seven year old with him. They are gaining on me the whole way up the mountain. Very cool!

This was a pretty nice trail, especially once you get above treeline and then it is pretty steep. You finally reach the saddle and it's just a short walk to the top of Wheeler. However, to make the hike even better, I went past there to nearby Simpson Peak as well. It looks kind of intimidating from the saddle, but was not bad at all and a very exciting trek. Wheeler was kind of boring, but Simpson has more personality and you get some cool views of Wheeler from over there. If I did Wheeler again, I would probably take the Bull of the Woods trail instead, because it travels more along the northern ridge. However, it's longer and not sure if could include Simpson in there, because may just be too much. But then could hike down Williams Lake for a loop, although would be long 2 mile roadwalk at the end (or do a shuttle). Also, note that the GPX track that you download from AllTrails has the old Williams Lake trail and not the new, current one. The first part of it has been recently rerouted, so the track won't be accurate. I took the old trail on the way down and it now goes right by a house under construction, so I can see why they re-routed it...plus there is a road right beside it as well. But I took the road back down from there, because it was getting dark. Cool hike and well worth doing.

no shade
12 days ago

Nice views throughout hike! No shade so wear a hat and bring sunscreen / water. We stopped at the top of the ~1/2 point, which has some nice sitting rocks to take in the views. Would be a nice place to turn around if you are looking for 3.5 mile hike.

This trail was great! Well maintained and well marked with beautiful (albeit very, very windy) views on top. If you're acclimated, this hike won't be bad. If you're not, it'll be much more of a struggle. It took us 2.5 hours to ascend and 2 hours, 10 minutes to descent. Total time, including our breaks and time at the top was just under 6 hours.

13 days ago

Nice stroll through the woods. Lots of houses around the trail so it’s not entirely solitude. The kids (4&9) did really well on it with little complaint. Overall great easy little trail.

beautiful hike. crazy wind gusts at the top made time at peak frenzied and brief. Hiked with 3 sons and wife, ages 4,7,11, and 30 something.

Holy crap that was hard!!! I only died twice!

Windy..but a nice accomplishment.

Trail is a road going slightly uphill to the mine. One mine shaft easily visible, one about 50 feet higher up a steep slope. Trail continues up slope, very steep. Road appears to continue as well, but we turned back after the steep loop.

Very challenging and elevation was difficult for okies! A little disappointed. The winds were strong and fatigue prevented us from reaching the summit. 1100 ft away. Might as well been 5 more miles . Still a great experience that we will be proud of!

Did this at the end of August. I started in the village and went straight up Rubezahl to the TH, then descended BotW trail back to village. As true mountains go, this wasn’t particularly hard. First 2 miles are shaded and slope is mild. The upper section is steeper and more exposed, but you can still make 30 minute pace. Fabulous views in every direction, and very quiet on a weekday morning. I came from TX coast the day before but altitude was no problem. Somehow I missed a marker on BotW and walked about 2 miles of road instead of trail. Oh well... very nice 15 mile day.

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