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2 days ago

Lovely! Overcast and cold AF, perfect for a run. A bit of ice but easy to navigate. Lake is gorgeous and if we were better dressed we might have gone on to the peak. Don’t be a dumbass and forget your hat and gloves

5 days ago

Went up 11/12/17. Snow on the ground from the beginning, (Phoenix Lodge), all-the-way up to the summit, but no traction needed. (MicroSpikes stayed in my pack).

For those unfamiliar, this is a switch-backed trail that anyone can hike, with no exposure and no scrambling. The altitude might slow you down a bit, but this is an easy route to a 13,000+ summit, with a magnificent view of the Sangre de Cristos, clear up to Colorado.

I highly recommend doing this as a loop hike, taking Bull-of-the-Woods down to the Taos Ski area main parking lot. This means 7mi down instead of 4mi, but you traverse an incredible ridge and alpine meadow, with 4-5 miles above treeline. The only issue here is that the two trailheads are about 2miles and 800ft of elevation apart. (I usually park down below, and hitch a ride up to the Phoenix in the morning.)

6 days ago

Went on a cold grey windy day but it didn’t matter.... it was so beautiful and the trees protected us from the wind the entire way up. Situated in a incredible alpine bowl

9 days ago

Hiked with my dog - nice trail with wonderful views. Took 1:45 to get up - with a few stops and about 45m to get down. Was cold when we started - 31degrees- but the sun came out toward the end. Saw only birds, but a LOT of different skat so I’m sure there are plenty of other animals there :)

18 days ago

Beautiful hike! Just right for a vigorous afternoon adventure. Be sure to bring a hat and gloves--it gets windy and cold up there even when it's temperate in Taos.

19 days ago

We left at sunrise (715am) on Bull of the woods headed to Wheeler Peak. We were packing quite a bit of gear thinking we might have to camp. Really wanted to get some drone footage of the peak so add that weight too... Summit around 2 pm. Got our footage and then took Wheeler peak via Williams lake trail down. Made it back to town about 630. Hiked another 2 miles back up to The Alpine Village hotel (had to use the roads since the trail was closed). Have to say this was a great experience. If I could do it all over again I would have definitely decided to camp off trail on the way up and then finished the next day. Awesome views at the top. There was some hard snow the last mile up to the peak but the rest of the trail was clear (no snow). Bull of the woods trail is in good shape and easy to walk. On the way down Wheeler peak via Williams lake the trail is made up of loose rocks, makes it a task to come down with a big pack but only for a little while. Once you hit the tree line it's easy sailing.

20 days ago

Lobo Peak means business! My husband, dog, and I hiked to Lobo Peak today, Sunday 10/29. We started around 7:50 am, parking in the pullout along 150. The trails are steep the entire way. On the way up, we took the Manzanita Canyon trail. It is between the Yerba Canyon and Italianos trails. We then took Yerba Canyon on the way down. I'm including info on both here since Manzanita Canyon is not listed on AllTrails. It took us 3:14 to reach the peak via Manzanita Canyon. It was 4.45 miles long. We took 2:30 to come down the Yerba Canyon trail, which was 4.3 miles from the peak to the trailhead. We then had to hike an additional ~3/4 mile along the road to complete the loop. Right about 6 hours for the full loop. We are both fairly competent hikers. Yerba Canyon is much steeper than Manzanita, particularly near the peak. It was very difficult to descend. If I were doing it again, I would not come down Yerba. Also, Yerba is more difficult to follow. Watch for yellow ribbons in the trees in some confusing spots. The Manzanita trail is much more obvious, plus not quite as steep. ~10 stream crossings via Manzanita and ~18 via Yerba. All crossings were fairly easy this time of year, though did have enough water for our dog to drink. Neither trail has very good views for most of the way, as there is heavy tree cover. However, the views from the summit of Lobo Peak are spectacular in all directions. No snow yet. We did not see anyone on Manzanita and saw only 3 people on Yerba. Doing a loop was nice for variety, but the road does not have a very wide shoulder to walk along.

22 days ago

Awesome views and moderate hike. Take a picnic for a great time! Remember, pack it in pack it out!