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Trail is beautiful, followed with the app. Rated it 3 stars because we bumped into three trucks on the trail. The people in the first truck made me feel uncomfortable, the second and the third truck the people seemed fine, just don’t understand how they got there and why.

This is such a great trail close to town. 5 miles is perfect for an early morning get up or and afternoon get busy trail. My friends and I do this trail often throughout the year.

14 days ago

We were recommended this over La Junta, mainly because the drive from Taos was 1/2 an hour shorter. The drive to the trailhead/campground area is a not great, road is dirt and has quite a bit of potholes, so take it slow.

The trail itself is a bit challenging. The beginning going down is quite steep. At about half way it is not as steep and pretty easy. The access to the river is a nice area, you can be brave and jump in, but be aware of the strong current. Hiking back up is obviously harder and the steep beginning(end going up) is hard. All in all, well worth it, took an hour down and 1.25 hrs up.

Great hike, completed on 4/22. You can spend a lot of time exploring side trails and side roads, as we did which brought our round trip mileage up to 8.7 miles.

This trail starts out very steep, maybe for the first 3/4 - 1 mile is a continuous incline. Afterwards, however, it tapers off to a moderate hike.

Keep eyes out for wildlife.

1 month ago

The directions to the trail head goes onto private property and they have gated the access to the trail. Best to go onto the trail at the El Nogal parking area a little further up the road off of 64.

Nice quick hike

Great trail! Nice and quiet, with a beautiful frozen waterfall you can get behind. You follow the creek most of the way, so it was nice for my dog. I made it two miles in before it became impassible without snowshoes (3/21/18). Loved it though!

**Dogs ARE allowed here** Great hike, though hard to follow the trail sometimes. Definitely needed the AllTrails map to follow. I was also glad I'd thrown my snowshoes on my back as when I needed them, I really needed them. Beautiful quiet trail, especially with the fresh snow!

So beautiful- was looking for a trail run and this was more of a steep walk/jog for the first half uphill , then a nice, rapid downhill. Not very technical, just steep and high altitude for someone who’s been living in Texas for 5 years :)

Great spring hike, but do wish there was better signage along the way...thank goodness for snow and footprints to let us know we were still on the right path. If I was to do it again this time of year, I'd take my snowshoes.

off road driving
2 months ago

Great trail and beautiful views at the Lake. Did it in a lifted 4Runner. No problems at all. Very fun and rewarding trail.

Did this as the loop and 164 had sections of ice and snow. There was nothing technical about the hike at all. Beautiful scenery along the way but harder to see at the peak because of denser trees. Biggest cairn ever and stone chairs let you know you made it.

2 months ago

Love the camp sites
Looks like the bridge to get to the picnic tables was washed out?

The water is gorgeous at the bottom and the hike back to the top makes drinking a cold one at the end totally guilt free

4 months ago

Somehow only hiked 5.75. But enjoyable without being difficult. Saw elk and mule deer.

Great hike today. Beautiful views

Trail was ok, was definitely expecting a little bit more. It could be because of the winter season and everything was dry. Also kind of lost the trail at the end and ended up just climbing straight up the mountain to get to the peak.

The trail was great but you better be good at navigating around off the trail. Towards halfway of the trail you lost site because of fallen trees everywhere. Be sure to expect delays but the end and getting to the lake is well worth it.

4 months ago

Fun hiking trail! It is on the sunny side of the mountain, so it’s warmer on winter days than trail 164 which is shady and cooler in the AM. The trail is wide and mostly dirt and rocks.

4 months ago

Worth it, but definitely not an easy trail.

4 months ago

Absolutely loved this trail. So much to see, many vista views of angel fire, eagles nest, and trees! However in December it is easy to lose the trail so plan for extra time on the trail.

4 months ago

Nice trail, difficult if you're not used to the elevation. Don't underestimate it if you're from the lowlands!! Nice trail, not real well marked though - we had some confusing spots so be careful. The Summit was a little underwhelming - you have to go to the edges for vistas. And make sure to not step on the prickly pears - they're prickly.

Mid December and cold with snow on the trail and frozen waterfalls. Good time

off road driving
5 months ago

Main picture is not this place.
This trail is more a dirt/gravel road for off-roading. Road had some ice/snow in some spots and was pretty easy.

Hiked with my dog - nice trail with wonderful views. Took 1:45 to get up - with a few stops and about 45m to get down. Was cold when we started - 31degrees- but the sun came out toward the end. Saw only birds, but a LOT of different skat so I’m sure there are plenty of other animals there :)

Great views of Taos. Chairs to sit in at the top!
Had trouble figuring out the loop. We just came back the way we started once we reached the peak.

In no way shape or form is this trail easy. It was a fun hike, but definitely not easy.

8 months ago

not very shaded. not a good trail for small dogs. more dead fallen trees than I prefer on a trail. not my fave in this area.

Great trail, not too difficult, with some good views in places. I really liked he "lounge chairs" made of rocks on the summit!

9 months ago

Easy trail with great views from high up overlooking Angel Fire. Writing this in Aug 17, the trail is clear and varies between single and double track. Dogs ARE allowed.

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