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Awesome walk, wore runners and was fine, minimal snow on be trail. The lake at the end is simply stunning!

Great hike today. Beautiful views

Trail was ok, was definitely expecting a little bit more. It could be because of the winter season and everything was dry. Also kind of lost the trail at the end and ended up just climbing straight up the mountain to get to the peak.

The trail was great but you better be good at navigating around off the trail. Towards halfway of the trail you lost site because of fallen trees everywhere. Be sure to expect delays but the end and getting to the lake is well worth it.

13 days ago

I am trying to plan a 4 day backpacking trip into Sante Fe Wilderness and this area along with the Middle Fork area looks beautiful Anybody know how one may create a loop trail that hits both these beautiful areas?

Great trail and for me it was better in the winter. Usually this place is suppose to be swamped with snow but right now it was just right!

My brother and i hiked this in late December.. The weather on the ascent was just lovely at 40-55F. I had to take off my outer layer to keep from burning up on ascent but glad i had it on the descent. The last 20% or so of the trail on way to lake is tougher due to lots of slick ice in spots and slightly deeper (1-2 ft or so) of snow, plus slight incline and a few spots you have to cross ice on logs. All doable though. Bring more water than you need and energy bars or fruit and rest awhile at the top. I made the mistake of forgetting food and i started burning out about 1 mile from top. The grassy area surrounding the lake is perfect for a power nap. Gorgeous views and a hike that tests your stamina more than anything if you are in decent shape. I wouldn't ever advocate traveling in the dark but we had a full moon and with headlamp getting down was easy at 1.5 hrs vs 2.5 hours going up. Truly a gem!

Bring ur yak traxs! Lots of packed snow and ice to Williams lake. Then patches of snow/ice to the top of Wheeler. Happy New Year!

18 days ago

Fun hiking trail! It is on the sunny side of the mountain, so it’s warmer on winter days than trail 164 which is shady and cooler in the AM. The trail is wide and mostly dirt and rocks.

Great views and fun frozen lake at the end in winter

21 days ago

Went on 12/26/2017 and there was no snow. This is a wonderful winter hike when there is no snow as it is full sun and gets 10*F warmer up on the ridge. We were the only ones there for the first half of the trail, and saw 3 other hiking parties on our way out. Sterling quiet!

Getting to the trail was a little tricky. I have a tiny Prius C that couldn't make it past some of the deep ruts on the dirt road leading up to the trailhead, so I had to leave my car parked about .1 miles from the trailhead.

The trail alternates between sand, loose gravel (careful not to slip!), and larger rocks. It's goes mostly up up up on the way in, so it's a shorter (time-wise) hike on the way down. Took us about 5 hours all together, but we weren't pushing ourselves.

In addition to the beautiful vistas at the top looking across at Ghost Ranch and that beautiful geological formation layers, there's a beautiful sage grove. It all smells delicious.

23 days ago

Worth it, but definitely not an easy trail.

Nice hike but be aware that currently long stretches are covered in solid ice.

23 days ago

Absolutely loved this trail. So much to see, many vista views of angel fire, eagles nest, and trees! However in December it is easy to lose the trail so plan for extra time on the trail.

Nice trail, difficult if you're not used to the elevation. Don't underestimate it if you're from the lowlands!! Nice trail, not real well marked though - we had some confusing spots so be careful. The Summit was a little underwhelming - you have to go to the edges for vistas. And make sure to not step on the prickly pears - they're prickly.

Dis silly damn trail gon’ take you into the bulls kaboodle. 10 bulls at the top, eyes glarin red, head real low, kicking they feet. Don’t panic tho not a damn good thing will happen they sense fear. Listentomenow, what you gon’ do is run straight at ‘em, fast as you can and when fire come out they nose and horns tryin to split your privates you JUMP. And for chrissakes you plant your foot right between a bulls eye and launch yourself over the other side that beast. Like punchin a shark in the nose. But on land, dummy. Turn a god damn war machine into a scared puppy, feel me? Thing’ll drop like sacka potatoes. Think a beta bull gon’ mess with ya after takin’ down the big boy? Not a chance. Have a good hike.

You gon’ rip the door handle off when you git there so excited to climb this one. Starts off real mild but halfway up you gon’ get the good stuff. Zigzag steeps mountain bears, jerk rabbits, gorillas n dragons all that. Get your leather man out, feel me? I’ll see you at the top butterbutt. Everything but her butt.

Loved this hike. Not too hard, not too easy, and beautiful views!

Mid December and cold with snow on the trail and frozen waterfalls. Good time

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