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Beautiful hike! We went on a windy day, which made us decend quickly after we got there. Be prepared to walk through several rock fields on the way to the top.

6 days ago

Great views of Taos. Chairs to sit in at the top!
Had trouble figuring out the loop. We just came back the way we started once we reached the peak.

In no way shape or form is this trail easy. It was a fun hike, but definitely not easy.

I did this trail during my stay in NM in August and again in September (on the way up to Wheeler's Peak). It is by far one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The hike itself is not too difficult with a mild but pretty continuous incline. The trail is wide and well marked but definitely rocky. Along the trail there are trees and many flowers. The lake is gorgeous, surrounded by mountains and so blue. If I am ever back in the area I hope to camp at the lake... absolutely beautiful!

My wife and I did this trail in September as our last hike during our 3 month stay in New Mexico. It was by far the hardest hike I have ever done as I developed some altitude sickness symptoms during the hike, despite having done several other hikes (up to 11,000 feet elevation) during our time there! Although it was difficult, I was so proud to make it to the top and it was a once in a lifetime experience for me. We saw elk and a big horned sheep! When we neared the top it began to thunder and started snowing! Although the visibility wasn't great at the top in the weather conditions, the view was awesome on the way up. It was an afternoon I will never forget.

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13 days ago

14 days ago

Don’t be put off by the gravel Jeep trail the first 1/2 mile; gets better as you go. Be sure to hike to the waterfalls beyond the lake. It’s just another 8 minutes using the trail to the right of the lake.

18 days ago

Awesome hidden away place for some awesome views

We did it today. Lots of new snow, I mean above 5' at least. We used tracking devices on the shoes, poles etc. wind gusts above 70mph. Most of the hikers were turning back before reaching the ridge. Couldn't talk nor take a breath close to the top. My phone froze and stopped working. It was insane. Cold, windchill low below freezing. I ended with one leg in an unexpected ditch up to my groin in the snow. Get yourself well prepared if you go this year/season. I expected this to be tough but due to the crazy winter conditions, it was the most difficult hike in my life. Views were magnificent though. I wish we had more sun! Amazing hike. I am happy to be alive though. LOL

19 days ago

One of my favorite hikes I've ever done, absolutely beautiful at the end!!!