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Bull of the woods trail is the only way to go.

this is one of my favorite hikes of all time. the first mile or so is very easy and gradual but there is a steep part the requires hand over feet scurrying across steep rocks. Because of this 200 yard section it should be rates Difficult.
the view from the top is worth it and the best! don't get too close to the edge though the rocks at the top are not considered stable.

4 days ago

Great trail with Amazing views! If you want to make it to the lake though make sure you have Hiking boots and Trekking sticks. The last mile you encounter snow and you need to be properly prepared or its a bit dangerous! Overall great trail!

Did this hike at the end of June. Really good hike. The things to prepare for are snow still in patches where you need to traverse and also a fairly steep climb towards the summit. The views are fantastic and the weather in the mornings is good for a hike. We saw many marmots, big horns, and chipmunks above the tree line. Wear sturdy hiking shoes because it does get rocky at the top. You will start around 10,000 ft and climb a little over 3,000. I live at higher altitude so the thin air wasn't too bad but you definitely need to take account of it. Rain can come in after lunch. Outstanding scenery the whole way with light foot traffic for us. We refueled at 5 Star Burgers in Taos. Great spot to unwind and reflect.

9 days ago

9 days ago

Great Trail! The last mile or so is packed with snow which makes the trail a bit more challenging. Be prepared with extra socks. The view is incredible.

Parts of trail were covered in slush/snow in mid-June. Definitely need layers to keep warm. The view of the lake was stunning!

The lake is beautiful. My kids loved it. The trail has a lot of snow covering it and it is quite slippery but worth the work.

Nice hike with great views. The Williams Lake trail is nice but Bull-of-the-woods is a much more spectacular choice if you have the time/stamina.

Amazing hike with spectacular scenery; a classic trail.

15 days ago