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Nice trail, wide and easily hiked, Definitely not a difficult trail, my watch clocked it at 8 miles total round trip. I think a lot of horse traffic goes on trail.
A bit muddy but not too bad, very well maintained considering where it is. A bit of a drive from 518 but fun.

Beautiful trail. I found Porcinis and wild strawberries multiple places along the trail. The view of Jicarita at the end was very nice. Plenty of water along the way for dogs. I went on a Monday and didn't see anyone else the entire hike. More of a moderate than a difficult but the elevation is high so maybe difficult if you're from lower elevation. It was very muddy due to monsoon.

4 days ago

The trail is a steady elevation gain all the way so it doesn't seem as bad as the elevation gain implies. The trail isn't very scenic until you get to the lakes but the lakes more than make up for it. There's a very large area to camp between the lakes with plenty of spots so it doesn't feel crowded like Lake Katherine can. I'd also say the lakes are more scenic than Lake Katherine. This is my favorite place in NM so far.

4 days ago

Went last fall, was a beautiful site when you got to the lake. Had amazing views and looked like something from a magazine. I do suggest this hike! Stayed the night alone and camped out at the very start of the hike, was very peaceful. I plan to go again soon!

Great views and a challenging hike without being overly strenuous. Afternoon. Rain did make the trail a bit slippery but worth getting wet for.

on Williams Lake Trail

5 days ago

Amazing trail. I did have trouble in the beginning because of the altitude being im from florida this was definitely hard on me. I brought my two dogs with me, they enjoyed the whole trail but especially the lake. There was alot of people on the trail but we enjoyed meeting all of them. There was a girl there with 6 dogs. 6 dogs! I loved it but i did hear other people complaining about the dogs. Also a short hike away there is a waterfall. You can either cross the stream to the left or go over the rocks on the right theres several trails to reach the waterfall. I urge you to do this hike not very long and worth every step!

Not as nice as Wheeler Peak or Lost Lake, but great hike. Tons of fun

This place is beautiful and you get lost in it immediately. Been here only once but it will always be a favorite. Water in the lake is fantastic for viewing, relaxing. Or fishing

Love this hike. Super rough in some areas and great views all around. Only problem is, we have a house up here and it's less fun when every college kid trying to impress their friend floods the trail in July or August.

William's lake is a fantastic stop off to relax and eat some lunch too

6 days ago

Gold Hill is definitely worth the trek. Climbing from Goose, be sure to have poles because the trail is steep with loose skree.

No water along this trail, and it's further than it looks, so take water ands few calories with you.

Fantastic views from the top!

Beautiful trail, and great for beginners and young hikers. My 80 year old grandmother made it a mile down the trail with no problem. We hiked in July when the snow was clear, and there is relatively little traffic compared to Middle Fork trails. There is a lovely bridge a few miles in, and you can connect with Lost Lake, Horseshoe Lake, and Wheeler from this trail! I'm

Excellent slow climbing trail. Not technical at all, but be sure to bring a water filter and carry at least a liter when you can. The maps aren't spot on, but the trail is easy to follow and well-maintained.

OK for young and inexperienced hikers.

There IS a sign at the lost lake/Horseshoe junction.

Camping near the bridge crossing, and several other sites along the trail. Just remember to camp on durable surfaces and practice LNT principles!

On my next go, I'll camp just down from the lake, and hit Wheeler in the early morn.

This is a nice trail from Taos Ski Valley. There is a pretty lake at the end of the hike. The plus side of this trail is the lovely restaurant at the end!