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Trails are decent. Climb is challenging. Views are breathtaking. A must for anyone hiking/backpacking in Taos area

I would give it a five because the views at top are amazing, but kind of want to give the trail itself a 3 since many parts are in bad condition.

This was a beautiful but decently strenuous day hike. Avoid FR 639 as you come out of Truchas unless you want a fun 4-wheeling experience. Going around to FR 207 (El Valle Road) is a more relaxing route. Only a couple of cars there when we arrived. Make sure to stop and look around occasionally, as it is easy to keep looking down and focus on the trail. Didn’t see anyone going up until we got to the lakes, then saw a couple of camping groups there. A very beautiful area.

Very nice hike. The quick up gets your blood pumping then the relatively flat lets you enjoy the views and ruins

My girlfriend, dog, and I attempted to sneak up to the top of Mount Wheeler in March using this route. The first mile up the pasture was a decent uphill climb the entire time with no level spots to recover. The trail was very wide and easy to follow up to the pasture. Walked over to check out the yurt. There was plenty of snow and water around the pasture area. It was very windy and we camped in the trees above the pasture. had a decent night even though it was well below freezing. Next morning, the wind had proceeded and broke through our shield of trees. It was even colder the next day, and we decided to go back down and head further south to Santa Fe. I was disappointed with our decision until I saw that the pasture and mountain got hit with freezing rain and several inches of snow starting the afternoon we hiked back down and continuing for the next three days. Will definitely come back as a late summer trip sometime to make the summit and finish the trip we planned originally.

completed this a number of times, latest was today after a 4 year hiatus due to injuries. terrific above tree line views. The climb as always is relentless, even considering the new switchbacks put in a few years ago. Be prepared for rapid changes in weather, especially in monsoon season.
The lower Williams Lake section has been rerouted to accommodate mountain development, in my estimation it has not disturbed the major portion of this section.

Great hike, start early!

15 days ago

Construction at the beginning.
Once you see the purple/blue spray paint markers you’re about 75% there.
The pay off is definitely worth it.

15 days ago

great hike, didn't do the entire trail only did about 2 miles out and then turned back. This was our first hike in the high elevation and did this one to aclimatize ourselves. Saw a black bear on the trail before we had even gotten a half mile in, it was amazing! Veiws were great but were sparse due to the trail being below the treeline. A great warm up hike for most people and very close to the town of Angel Fire.

I’ve done this home several times and I always love it!

Nice workout, good views!

19 days ago

Great hike, I could definitely feel the elevation! The lake at the end was very peaceful, the construction noise at the beginning was a bit irksome but what are you going to do! A bit longer than listed though, I tracked about 4 miles from trailhead to lake’s edge.

20 days ago

A bit more than moderate IMO. Marked pretty well. Beautiful views! Watch your step as much of it is a shale type rock and can be tricky.

21 days ago

I'm so glad my friends and I chose this trail for our first climb of Wheeler peak. Bull of the Woods is beautiful at every step and relatively moderate in terms of difficulty. The main challenge is elevation which makes progress hard when you're a moderately fit 30 something from sea-level. We took the shorter William's lake trail back which turned out to be relatively crowded, steep and monotonous. Williams Lake itself is lovely but, if I had it to do again, I'd take Bull of the Woods both ways. To be clear, it's a very long hike. It took us 11 hours to make the loop. Leave early in the morning, bring lots of water, and only attempt in July, August or September to avoid snow. One of the best hikes of my life.

Worth the hike! First, the hiking trail to goose lake is trail 65, the driving and ATV trail is trail 66. Second, the hike to goose lake is 7 mile making the total out and back actually 14 miles NOT 10, so bring water and snacks. Definitely a moderate uphill hike. The lake itself is gorgeous and there are definitely places to tent camp. Plenty of refill areas for water along the way as well. There is a section of downed trees, but if you push straight through in the direction of where the trail stops you will be able to clearly see the pick up on the other side. ~300 ft. The whole trail to goose lake is uphill so as long as you go uphill you cant miss it.

I hiked this trail and wasn't impressed. approximately 3/4 of the trail is Jeep road, not very challenging or secluded (I was passed by three vehicles). The trail is almost always in the trees with no scenic views. I never found the trail up to the peak and ended up "bushwhacking" through the woods to the other side of the peak. It took forever to find the trail back down. There are so many beautiful trails in Northern New Mexico, I would make a better choice.

Great hike. I stayed at Alpine Suites Inn and made an early start (drive to trailhead is 1.4 miles). The lake is 2 miles in, not overly hard but will get your breathe up for sure. Trail is well-marked. From the lake, the second 2 miles are all switchbacks, first through forest and then into open-air hillside. This is when the hike gets steep. It is strenuous. An hour walk and you will get about halfway through switchbacks, where you will come to a high meadow. From afar it seems the path is overrun with rockfall and you’ll see a well-trodden path through the grass. So I took this cut through to where the path becomes almost all rock further up. Looking back from above, I could see the path was actually above the rockslide but I saved time cutting uphill anyways (it’s totally safe and more comfy to walk on grass anyway). Marmots were everywhere and pika too. Your attention to footing is necessary for the final mile as it is all scree and rock and pretty darn steep, though the path is easy to follow. I got spooked a couple times, as wind and clouds got ferocious. The marmots didn’t seem to mind so I got over it and headed up, finally reaching the saddle just before the summit. I was rewarded with a gorgeous, sunny view of the valley on the north side of Wheeler (I could see Horseshoe Lake sparkling in the distance). Also a stunning view of the other high peaks in the area. Took some pictures at the summit, hung out about 20 minutes, then headed back down. Not nearly as intimidating or hard on the way back. I reached the peak at about 10:00am with a 7am start at trailhead parking lot, and a stop at the lake for a few minutes. Saw a handful of deer near summit and on the way back.

Overall a fantastic hike, I’ll be back!!!

amazing hike, can be done in one day best done in two. camp at lacal basin

Great path, beautiful beautiful scenery.
A little to much for me as a novice hiker, more so for the altitude I think. I turned back less than half way through

Up and up and up it goes. Beautiful overlooks

From a Texan

Really fun hike. Spectacular views of you make it to the top. The last part of the hike is rocky and definitely took its toll on people. Still worth it though. Great view of the lake on your way up too.

1 month ago

Beautiful views from the Pueblo site. Pottery shards throughout the site.

My 13 year old daughter and I started Friday 7/13 and hiked the 5.6 miles (2.5 hours) to Trampas Lakes. We were the only soules there and we had the whole place to ourselves! Stayed one night and made the return hike in 2 hours and 12 minutes. Finally saw one couple hiking up as we we're headed down.

Definitely uphill on the way to the lake and we took a few breaks.

Very nice lake hike trail. Worth noting that hike to lake is a steady uphill grind -- nothing difficult, but no flats to rest your legs. As of late June 2018, most steams were just a trickle, but enough for dogs to get a little drink. Well maintained trail and well worth the hike!

11Aug2018 Saturday, Taos NM
I'm so proud of myself today for completing this incredible hike to New Mexico ' s highest peak - Wheeler Peak. The terrain is spectacular and today the weather was absolutely perfect.
This hike took me just under 5 hours (total traveling time) to complete. The final 1.5 miles to the top was the most difficult for me; stopping frequently to check my internal gage of will power and sheer determination. My body's strength was testing me and my mind was saying, "don't you dare think of turning around." I realize that not all who make the trip - complete the journey, yet there were a lot of people up there today - and I was among them.
Days like today challenge me in so many ways, change me - shape me into someone new, making me stronger, more determined, more patient, and appreciative. And if I could have just one wish granted as I settle in for the evening, - it would be in the order of a really long foot massage.

1 month ago

A great hike. Lots of friendly people out on the trail. Good hike for the pup, too.

Hiked this last summer. Started at the bottom of the ski resort (approx 8000 ft and change). There is a beautiful and breathtaking view when you get to Williams Lake (around 11000 ft). I made sure to take my time and take all of it in.
Don't forget to sign the book at the top of the mountain and enjoy the incredible view. Also, pack a light jacket b/c it is very windy up there, Visited at the end of June and there was still snow at the peak.

Starts out as a 4 wheel drive trail so be cautious of the “renters” learning their new skills. When the trail turns left it becomes a steep upslope with unsure footing. Within a hundred yards if so there is a deserted mineshaft and then a cave, shored as if it were another mining venture. We ventured up the steep slope but gave up a few hundred yards further as there seemed no abating the footing or grade. Checking the GPS we were still on the trail. I would class the first half mile or so as easy yet uninteresting, and the loop shown on the trail as difficult.

Incredible views and worth every step! The climb gets more difficult starting at the fork with the lake. The last 2 miles are very difficult, but very satisfying to look over what you accomplished.

Great trail to work on running with extreme incline.

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