trail running
13 hours ago

Very beautiful did a few miles trail running, saw a bear poop and turned back!

7 days ago

Did the full loop over two days. Would recommend making it a three day, two night hike. The trail was difficult to find at times and so I would only recommend this trail to very experienced hikers. Also, bring your topo map and GPS unit as they will be needed. Did our hike in June and so the water sources were scarce, in fact only eastern portion of Grants Creek and KP Creek had water. Make sure you pack enough. Very beautiful, rugged and primitive hike.

Dylan didn’t read the NPS right. The hiking season is March to May and September to November.

9 months ago

Took trail to the right down into the canyon. Steep trail drops downhill so watch your technique. Did not do loop but camped at the bottom of the canyon about 4 miles. It was a holiday weekend but hardly anyone around. The first night our campsite was passed by a bear on the opposite side of the creek. I was playing catch and release with some fingerling trout in the creek. Spooked my companion a little (she had never seen a bear outside the zoo). Had to admit it unnerved me a little. The following day we took a day hike up to a fire watch station to the southwest. View was totally worth the climb. Apparently many people hike up the service road as a day hike. Climb back out the following day was strenuous

DO NOT GO INTO THIS TRAIL WITHOUT A MAP. The trail is poorly marked. Cairns are abundant when you don't need them and nowhere to be found when you do. Several people and even other sites have mentioned water but be careful water is not as plentiful as it might seem. Ladorne Spring is the only viable water source and you will likely reach it on day 2. Bring plenty of water the NPS has this trail's 'season as March through October we went in July. Although the nights are comfortable the days are hot with lots of sun exposure. Be wary of wildlife as well. Lots of bear and puma country out there. We saw a bear and lots of scat. No puma sightings but plenty of prints. Especially near Auger canyon Long story short be extra prepared for this loop. bring extra water.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Great trail! You get to see everything from mountains, desert, forest, and the Blue River Canyon. Expect to get wet once you hit the Blue River

Friday, April 14, 2017

I went in here a long time ago with a guy who was turkey hunting and I was just along for the ride. Beautiful canyon country way back off the beaten path. We were in here in April and some of the creek crossings had water coming above the bottom of the doors on his 4 x 4. We camped at the very end of the road and day hiked from there up into the surrounding canyons. I did a little creek fishing while he did some hunting. I did see a few big turkeys in here, but he never did get one. I caught a few native Apache trout in the creeks and that was pretty cool. I was new to the area back then and enjoyed the experience. This is a fairly remote area, and I would say 4 x 4 is required for the most part. The creek crossings were deep at that time of year. I have never gone back in here but would, as it was really nice and no one else was in there at all.