DO NOT GO INTO THIS TRAIL WITHOUT A MAP. The trail is poorly marked. Cairns are abundant when you don't need them and nowhere to be found when you do. Several people and even other sites have mentioned water but be careful water is not as plentiful as it might seem. Ladorne Spring is the only viable water source and you will likely reach it on day 2. Bring plenty of water the NPS has this trail's 'season as March through October we went in July. Although the nights are comfortable the days are hot with lots of sun exposure. Be wary of wildlife as well. Lots of bear and puma country out there. We saw a bear and lots of scat. No puma sightings but plenty of prints. Especially near Auger canyon Long story short be extra prepared for this loop. bring extra water.

Great trail! You get to see everything from mountains, desert, forest, and the Blue River Canyon. Expect to get wet once you hit the Blue River