Beautiful trail started out chilly but warmed up quick didn’t do all of it because of time restraints but definitely want to go back

Did not hike the whole trail, just half way round trip. Not too challenging. Nice views and very nice wildflowers.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

To get to the Trail Head, you need to take O'Hara Road (NM-404) from I-10 or from Martin Luther King Blvd (NM-213). At about 5 miles you will find a gate in front of the sign marking the beginning off the Sierra Vista Trail, this gate is the same entrance to Anthony Gap Cave road. Drive until you find the parking area, then using the same road, walk in direction to the mountain. You will cross two small arroyos. After them you will find the beginning of the trail to your right. Be careful because the beginning is not very well marked. Follow the trail. In about a mile, when the trail starts going south, step out the track and continue on the arroyo. At that moment you will see in the distance the small range that is part of this hike. You keep walking toward that range until you get to a fence, and to your right, you will find a very old and rustic gate that you need to cross. Continue on the arroyo until you reach the foot of the range. Here the hiking consist on walking the range rim. When you finish this part, you will get to the place where the Lower Sunset Trail join together with the Northern Pass Trail. You direct yourself toward the mountain by the Northern Pass Trail, but instead of going up, you turn to your left following the foothill part of the trail. Eventually you will get to the point were you abandoned the trail to go to the small range. Follow your steps back and soon you will be back where your started. We understand the implication of leaving the trail to start a new path that somebody else could follow later. In this case, it worth the effort and we expect that the trail is used often. Is difficult under these circumstances to have a detail description of the trail. The best way is use the map that we traced.

To access the trail head of this place, that we are naming Anthony Gap - Northern Pass Loop, you need to take the Ohara Road (NM State Road 404) either from the Interstate 10 to the Chaparral exit or from The Martin Luther King Blvd (NM 213). The entrance is a gate across the road just in front of a sign marking the beginning of the Sierra Vista Trail. There is a place were you can park your car. The trail is well marked and well maintained. Just follow the path that is in front of you. When you get to the top, you will see a trail conducting you to the Anthony's Cave. If you wish, you can visit the place. You continue going down until you hit 2 arroyos, one is in front of you and the other runs from right to left. Use the one that is straight ahead. Eventually you will encounter the junction with the Northern Pass Trail to your left. Careful, even that there is a cairn marking the entrance, if you are not watchful you may miss it. Continue on the Northern Pass Trail to your right all the way up. You will zig-zag the mountain on your way down. Then follow the trail to your right until you complete the loop. Be aware that you start hiking in the state of New Mexico but eventually you will be crossing to Texas land. Unless you have a GPS you will not identify when you go over the state line. That will be different story on your way back, you will find a gate and fence marking the limits. Even that this is not a difficult trail, you will enjoy going up and down a couple of times also appreciating the solitude of the desert.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sunday, August 28, 2016