I thought this hike was very challenging but not one of my favorite hikes around Cruces although it did offer beautiful views. The hard part begins once you go past Baylor Canyon Pass and start up the peak. The way down is even more difficult because of the steepness and loose rocks. I was really wishing I had trekking poles. Bring lots of food and water and wear long pants. There are plenty of cacti just waiting to stab you especially going up the peak.

I started from Aguirre Springs and my fitness device read the distance as closer to 8 miles round trip, not 5.5 miles like this app says. It took me considerably longer than I thought it would. Start early. The trail was difficult to follow at times. Be really careful at the rock scramble toward the end. A lot of those large rocks are not stable and could fall on you if you’re not careful. I was about 0.5 miles away from the summit and turned around because a large rock almost fell on me. Do not underestimate this hike. It’s one of the more challenging ones I’ve done in this area.

I only gave it 3 stars because of the cacti, the trail being difficult to follow, and the steepness.