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The high wall, needle-like spires of the Organ Mountains curve dramatically around a semicircle of Chihuahuan Desert habitat at the Aguirre Spring Campground. The campground, nestled at the base of spectacular cliffs, overlooks the Tularosa Basin and White Sands National Monument. Alligator juniper, gray oak, mountain mahogany and sotol are a few of the abundant plant species here. Seasonal springs and streams occur in the canyon bottoms, with a few perennial springs that support riparian habitats. From April to October, the entrance gate is open from 8:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. From October until April, it is open from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

January's weather is just like spring with gusts

on Pine Tree Trail

13 days ago

Beautiful scenery but gets a little less child friendly towards the end. You still get a good long hike our of it though. Definitely recommend it.

I was surprised to find ice at the half way point. Was a wonderful hike. Plan to be in the shade for most of the hike, the sun was already hidden on the other side of the mountains by 1:30.

Hike was great! Directly in the sun, so make sure you are able to have light clothing on, even in December.

We did this hike December 2017. This is a fantastic hike! Did about four miles in four hours. Lots of elevation gain and very diverse trail with lots of rocks and boulders to navigate— Jaw dropping views.. It is tricky to find the beginning of this trail. The trailhead is not marked but is behind the last picnic area near the site built restrooms and to the right. Also, towards the beginning of the hike, it is easy to lose the trail while climbing large boulders. Don’t worry; once you get over that, the trail is otherwise pretty well marked (At least up to 2 miles in). There are lots of Cairns on the trail up to that point.Also while I do not work for all trails, I will say that my All trails pro version helped us to stay on the trail. Recommend good shoes with ankle support and walking sticks. This was a great trail for the family! One of the best we have done in southern NM

Amazing views and just the right amount of hard but pleasant to hike while carrying an infant in a pack. We did find 2 water sources along route that where nice to look at and surrounded by birds + life. Nice primitive campsite at the highest point of hike. We plan to take our kiddo fir his first over night along this route when the time comes.

25 days ago

Very nice trail. Strenuous in place but very scenic. Good views of the Tularosa basin. Have hiked this trail in the fall and in the winter. In the winter you may encounter snow and Ice.

Very difficult trail. The trail is not very well marked and easy to loose. Great views.

This is a very beautiful hike. Not too difficult, steady climb with very beautiful views of the Organ Mountains and the Tularosa basin. Many beautiful wildflowers at the end of the summer.

Great views, even saw some snow and ice near the top. Now is a great time to go, not too hot.

A beautiful hike not to hard I did it in under two hours. I would like to come back and take 3 hours to enjoy the scenery a little more.

1 month ago

Good loop trail for 3-4 hour hike. This December the weather is great..not too hot.

My wife and I did this one for our second time this fall and it is becoming a favorite in the area. “Not too hard, not too easy” and gets you close to a lot of good views of Sugarloaf...the little “mini-forests” along to trail are great for cooling off and taking a break

2 months ago

Great hike, specifically around this fall time as the trees turn to orange. You don’t get that much else here in the border region. The hike up (either way) can be strenuous ... lots of rocks to climb over to move forward. There was a tiny tiny stream of water coming from the mountains. Overall, great hike and plan on doing again as the seasons turn.

2 months ago

This trail is strenuous at times! And really enjoyable.

Trail from the pass becomes difficult to the Peak. It is easy to lose trail on your way down, just maintain the cairns you followed up and you should be fine on your way back to the pass. Awesome trail! Views are tremendously beautiful!

a nice hike, a challenge but not too much of a challenge.

Really nice hike up the West side from Baylor Canyon Rd to the ridge crest and back down. Left car at 8:30 and returned about 1:15. Ate lunch at the top, enjoying the views into both valleys. passed by a few trail runners. Saw a few other hikers, one couple coming over the Gap from the East side with a car at both ends of the trail. Wish I had that option, but as a solo business traveler that wasn't an option for me. Stopped often to take a lot of photos. Hot dry trail today but I carried plenty of water

awesome family hike, a lot of nature to see! great views everywhere.

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