I like to use this trail for running. it's definitely not moderate it's easy (mostly flat wide and open, very few rocky areas). The trail is very easy to follow except for the end to the right of the visitors center if you are facing the reservoir. there are several different colored trails that wind in/around that area. Black is the perimeter trail so that's what you should be following for this hike.

Absolutely beautiful trail!

There was a lot of bugs it was overgrown and there were tree's blocking some paths the paths are super small too!

This is a great trail except most of the plants are overgrown I got caught in a bush. Certain paths have Trees in the way! Other than that it was a great experience. Good views to! Also watch out for ticks!

This is a fantastic hike for someone looking for a pretty easy well-defined loop trail. Plenty of access to water throughout too, which was great for our dogs. Takes about 2 hours to get the whole way around.

5 months ago

Nice hike. Looks even better for hunting & fishing.