Photos of Wharton State Forest Hiking Trails

This trail is not well marked . You see colored blazes everywhere but I didn’t see any signs of what color goes were . If your trying to get to Apple Pie Tower you need to follow pink. I missed a right turn at one point ended up adding a extra mile . Maybe about est mile in -AFTER A BRIDGE Look to the right for a small opening in a wooded area and pink blazes . You now will enter more of a wooded area . If you see a blue blaze at any point on your left you went to far and missed your turn ...turn around . Wear waterproof shoes . I didn’t think I needed them on this hike but it rained a few days before and a lot of the trail was walking through puddles. Also, take your time on the little bridge passings as they are slippery. They look so innocent but they definitely aren’t . My hiking boots have good grip and I still managed to fall. This hike took me 4 1/2 hours -that’s including a very long lunch break at the Tower . I walked fast on this day as I started late .There was no cell service the entire hike for me and I did not see anybody on the trail the day I went . Something to think about if you choose to go solo . I enjoyed it a lot but the fact there was no service and nobody to be seen I didn’t always feel too safe . Jersey Devil could be out there haha .I think if I did it again solo I would have to bring my emergency beacon . It’s a long way out on your own if you needed help for anything .Not a difficult hike at all but if you do not hike much this may end up being a leg burner for you as it’s long . Great trail to train for harder hikes !!!