Walking this hilly trail will make one think you are in Pennsylvania instead of New Jersey. The trail is well maintained. It seems like everytime I'm there I meet students from out of state that were recommended to hike the trail.

25 days ago

South Jersey is awash in insects until the birds have a chance to knock down the numbers. Late August, sept thru April and maybe May you can enjoy all the garden state has to offer. I have lived and wandered all over the state below Trenton. The pines and wetlands within all beautiful in winter when the migrations from north visit. Brants, swans, snow geese and others shelter in the lakes, ponds and bogs. Unlike other bogs and swamps, we have sandy berms and causeways that provide firm trails, even when wet. I enjoy the Pa mountains north of Blue Mountain June thru Aug,, early Sept, then come back to the sugar sand roads for cranberry ripiening time, for the incoming flocks and the great festivals like at the Fall Fling at Apple Farm. You can hop the fence out of the festival and hike right there, I saw turkeys, pheasant. Just got to pick the right seasons to enjoy it.

Nice trail. Don't go in late spring! Black Flies Mills Trail should be the name. Worst swarm of flies I've ever seen. Got eaten alive lol.

A bit tough if you're out of practice but really nice elevations and pretty scenery.