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Where’s the Damn Waterfall!!!! Lol

Where’s this waterfall???

Awesome spot to hike, trails were easy to read, don’t forget to put on big spray I got eaten alive haha and it does tend to get crowded with parking over there. Also after the hike there’s a farm a min away with the best Ice cream!

Filthy. Poorly marked. sudden appearance of NJ Circle tags on trees where blazes ought to be. White trail is part of loop? I still do not know. Also, on Clinton Road/ Parking Lot 7 there is a large sign for unauthorized parking. That sign only applies to overnight parking. The sign distracted me. Mosquitoes galore today. Glad to make it off that trail.

Loved it!!!

26 days ago

This was a great hike, it was short and somewhat steep, but there were a lot of cool things to look at along the way. Check out my full write up with pictures and things to look out for.

Absolutely gorgeous views ! Be sure to MAKE A LEFT at the pyramid of rocks. We Kept following the white marks (to the right) and totally missed the view. Came a long a mailbox if you go that way which other hikers leave messages in a notebook (the kids loved to write in it). I’m surprised this is considered a moderate it was pretty tough.

I went this last weekend and it was a great day for a hike, not too hot. I didn’t expect such a zig zag of rock climbing but it was worth it. I did pass the view and kept following the white marks on the rocks and the trees but then noticed we passed it. There is a big pile of rocks shaped in almost a pyramid with a wooden sign that says “view” take that left. There was a small stream of water from the recent rain. The scenic views are always the cherry on top. The mosquitos were ruthless!!! Bring bug repellent! I recommend this even for beginners.

Loved it. It is in shade and pretty clearly marked. I believe steepness depends on how long the legs are on the person you ask. Views were breathtaking. Worth it.

Long hike- prepare for about 45 minutes with a real rough terrain. Well worth it once you get to the top!

Nice trail, completely in shade with lovely green cover and little brooks crisscrossing every now and then like naughty kids. Not very steep as few reviews suggested. The white markers take you right to the top and extend onto the AT. Do not miss the big pile of rocks once you feel like you reached the top. The view to the vista is left from the pile and can be easily missed. Technically the trail ends at the vista unless you are a through AT hiker. Nice to meet the through AT hikers and have a chat with them learning their experiences.

Hi all, I was wondering if there’s someone who want to join this trail during this week! Let me know. INSTAGRAM: @Sarisdu or sarisdu@hotmail.com.

Views are beautiful for what is a short moderate hike but unfortunatley this is an extremely popular hike that gets overcrowded on the weekends. Its become such a problem that the town has come out creating and enforcing new parking laws so be carful in that aspect.

Awesome Hike !!! This was my first hike. Great hike for beginners. Short hike with Great View!

Such a great hike on such a beautiful day!

This trail was great and had breathtaking views! It took us about 3 hours total. An hour hiking up. An hour at the top having lunch. An hour hiking back down. It is VERY steep coming up and down, we needed a 5 minute break going up. Also very rocky the entire hike. Make sure you have the proper shoes! When you reach a giant rock pile with the wooden sign that says “View” make a left by the blue dot trail and follow that up to see the view!

2 months ago

I started off at route 515 in Jersey. there begining is flat and easy on a boardwalk most of the way. when you cross route 94 you approach stairway to heaven. it's a steep climb mostly rocks zig zag top the top. beautiful views when you get there

2 months ago

My friend and I decided to walk around the lake, we had the map but the trails were not clearly marked! We ended up getting lost a couple of times!

Excellent hike! Very strenuous and at the 3/4 mark I questioned why I was still doing it hahaha, but totally worth it! The view was great and we met a lot of great people, religious hikers and through hikers. There’s a farm across the street, a small farmers market with a bathroom. Good for quick stop.

2 months ago

Very comfortable and short hike. Definitely recommend for beginners.

Nice hike even though trail gets crowded. Don't go when it's hot!

Decent hike, and although the view was beautiful, it wasn’t breathtaking. No waterfall, more like a cute stream. Also, the lookout isn’t super marked. We continued past the lookout and realized we had overshot. Others had also done the same and thankfully we finally figured it out...after an extra mile +.

Hi guys my cousin and I will be wanting to climb the stairs. She’s visiting the island and would really love to accomplish this beautiful place. But we would love to go with someone that has done the hike? For tomorrow Tuesday June 26 if anyone would love to go let me know my IG missy_cask:)

3 months ago

Cool hike to the view. But, where is the waterfall?

It's a moderate hike. The views are fairly good, but not striking or impressive compared to any number of hikes in the Catskills (which are relatively close). Trail can become crowded on weekends.

Definitely a trail to hike with weather below 80 degrees.

3 months ago

Fun hike ! very busy trail with lots of rocks and very windy but worth it once you reach the top.

3 months ago

Nice hike with uneven terrain but a great hike

A little bit of a challenge but the views were worth it! The trail does get a bit crowded if you don’t go early enough. Make sure to wear proper shoes and bring plenty of water.

4 months ago

Beautiful hike !! Go weekdays to avoid the crowd!

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