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The quiet charm of Wawayanda appeals to hikers, campers, swimmers and boaters. Forested hills surround Lake Wawayanda creating a restful backdrop for canoeists, boaters and fisherman, while steep mountains challenge casual as well as serious hikers. A twenty-mile stretch of the Appalachian Trail runs through the park, while the top of Wawayanda Mountain offers sensational views. More than forty miles of trails are marked in the park.

1 month ago

You can pick up the trail from anywhere but we started along the boardwalk and visited the cows. Also there’s an old cool cemetery hidden along the railroad tracks that’s a little hard to find but so worth it. Once you cross the road and begin
the hike it gets challenging as it is quite steep but the breathtaking views are the payoff!! Don’t miss it!

Entered at the beginning of the boardwalk that takes you through the cow pasture. The real workout begins after you cross the road. It was a butt buster for sure, and is similar to a talus field up and down so when the leaves are wet and covering the terrain makes it a little tricky!

Great trail. I went on Thanksgiving day, so there wasn’t much traffic, however that isn’t the norm. Definitely not a beginner’s hike, but it’s a great workout and the views are amazing.

2 months ago

Challenging hike for the Friday after thanksgiving!! Great climb to the top, the views were not that predominant and the trail was packed! But overall great hike, nice workout!

More markers needed.

For an illegal hike it was great. I went in through the Moanalua Valley, and after going through the ridges, going back down through the stairs was well worth the risk. Do us all a favor and do not blast through the residents yards and treat the area and trail with respect if you go up via the stairs. This is a wonderful place that will definitely reach long term memory for you, but to keep the stairs from getting torn down we must respect the people that live by the entry despite out insistent need to challenge authority. Happy and safe hiking fellow adventurists.

Love this hike. One of my favorites for a quick workout with super rewarding views. You can definitely burn off last nights pasta on this short but steep climb. Only bummer is It gets very crowded.

First time doing the trail, very nice view at the top.

First time I’ve ever done this trail and I️ absolutely loved it!

Gorgeous view, highly recommend

Fun short hike. Nice uphill and good views.

3 months ago

Nice Rock Peak View.. Hard for beginners.. Worth the view reward. Collado was here lol

Good fun. Great view from top.

3 months ago

Listed as moderate but two sets of people changed their minds halfway up is my observation.

i am a relatively new hiker, and this took a lot from me to accomplish. Steady escalation. Narrow ridge. Rock steps. All a bit challenging but worth it

Very nice and challenging hike! The boardwalk is beautiful. We even passed through a farm with cows! Highly recommend.

Really nice and enjoyable hike with a great view at the top.

4 months ago

I hiked this trail two times this summer. Once in early June which was easily 5 stars, and once in late August, which was 1 star. Over the course of the summer the kids destroy this trail. Very sad actually. You can party and be stupid, and still respect nature.

5 stars for the trail, Negative a million for Humanity :/

What superlatives are left to describe this trail? Like others I though it was absolutely fantastic. I took the trail up while it was raining and caught the sky in transition up at the top as the storm was passing. Truly heavenlike. A few tips: as others have mentioned the trail is super rocky so sturdy shoes/boots will go a long way here. Also when wet, the rocks get slippeyr so always check your footing. And finally, did have a few ticks on my pants through the hike so I would definitely recommend wearing long pants or at least high socks.

Great trail and great workout

Great trail, I usually start at the boardwalk though and it ends up being 7-8 miles.

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