Nice hike, I did the loop around Hemlock Pond.

Great day hike!! Extended the hike by adding Hemlock Pond and Crater Lake and AT segment. Took the falls up the blue blazes then turned right at the Woods Trail and followed until hemlock ponds. Followed around the pond until the orange blaze. Took the orange blaze up to Crater Lake. Turned left onto the Appalachian Trail for about a mile and then left onto Buttermilk Falls Trail blue blaze back down.

1 month ago

This is the tallest waterfall in NJ and it is right next to the road. Next to it is a great trail that takes you through a forest and leads to the Appalachian Trail. Tough in places but cool. Check out my full review along with some things to look out for.

Great spot. Cool climb up the stairs to the top of the falls.

2 months ago

Hiked from Crater Lake to the falls. There are no good scenic views in between. The trails were not marked very well. My cousin and I got lost and followed the wrong trail a few times. It is possible to just drive to the falls because there is a parking lot right in front of it.

The hike itself is intense, hence it's rating. But all in all the most beautiful view is at the beginning. The trail was great with our 2 dogs and all in all I had a wonderful time.