6 days ago

Good hike. Caution: Don't take the south side mountain road, take the north side. The roads are horrible.

8 days ago

Enjoyed a great day swimming with kids at Hemlock. The hike in from the falls is fairly steep and rocky. It levels out around the lake and then becomes steep again up the Orange trail to the AT and back down to the Blue trail.

The trails in general are well marked and wide. There are a few questionable spots but we navigated without any major problems.

Cleanliness is an issue with this area as it is heavily visited by tourists to the falls. Bring a bag to help carry out empty beverage containers and other trash.

solid hike,easier than expected it to be. Did miss the turns after the lake but thanks to two ladies with a cute lab we were able to find the right trail.

16 days ago

27 days ago

Great hike! Big thanks to Annie for sharing her rock at Hemlock Pond with me so I could grab lunch and some sun. Your dog rules. Hike down and back up to/from Crater Lake and the "beach" was not worth it. See waypoint marked on my map for a climb up a side boulder that offers a decent view. Way too many bros and people listening loudly to music on wireless speakers out there...but also some really nice folks mixed in too.

Was a good challenge, started off steep then leveled out then back up again...good workout.

This was my first trail in years. My girlfriend took me not mentioning it was rated difficult. The beginning of the trail is very difficult, and the stairs are kind of scary but it was worth it. The falls are gorgeous and we met some cool people along the way.

Awesome hike took us 5 hours but we doubled up some parts

1 month ago

Great trail and except the beginning, not hard. It is not very well marked though. Here is a good way of enjoying the trail, Follow the path until you reach the lake. After that you should follow orange trail. When you get to the camping site, continue the path, but do not go to the white trail. You should be able to find blue trail to come down to the waterfall again.