21 days ago

26 days ago

Went towards sunset. Very flat and peaceful walk.

Not challenging but lush views, plants and wildlife, especially geese (there’s an army of them in a few sections) and frogs.

Trail is loaded with stag horns, bee balm and other native plants.

27 days ago

Very easy trail, some nice views. Light hills to walk up but there's a clear grassy pathway.

3 months ago

It was too hot and humid for steep inclines and scrambles today so we took the short 5 mile drive to Liberty Loop. Was very peaceful and quiet. Met a couple of 'through hikers' that came up from GA. If u just want something quiet and short it's a nice walk. Tons of dragonflies, birds and frogs.

Trail was flat and peaceful. Went on a Sunday morning and it was relatively desolate. If you're looking for a nice walk with not too many people around, then this is the spot to come to.

5 months ago

Had a wonderful time on this beautiful trail. Predominantly went there to bird watch and I was not disappointed observed indigo buntings, bobolinks, Orioles, swallows, red winged blackbirds, swamp sparrows, grosbeaks to name a few also saw rabbits, groundhogs and a marten. Highly recommend this fun easy hike

Good for a super quick, super easy walk. Crowded on a nice day, and sort of buggy.

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