Very muddy trails better to hike in dry weather

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8 months ago

fun trial on my MT BIKE people I met were friendly had a little bit of everything root some mud some sand some hard packed cool.

Completed the trail around the lake (Alder Trail) by accessing the park from the Matedeconk Trailhead (I recommend this mile long access trail through the lush, swamp section). It also allows for very early access to the park so you have the lake to yourself!

Very easy trail system. the park is obviously heavily used during the day with boat rentals, a boat house, playgrounds and picnic areas, etc. Go early and beat everyone to the lake... you will thank yourself for the serenity of the lake.

This is more of a family outing location, but the side trails are nice hikes. You can find solitude along the back side of the lake, as most people will stay along the more developed areas. I uploaded pics, so take a look and enjoy!

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11 months ago

1 year ago

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1 year ago

Fun but not the best trail

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3 years ago

thought there would be a good bike trail but seems more hiking on north side to swamp marsh, got really muddy and we turned back but hopefully the south side is much better?I'd recommend hiking, camping, kyak/fishing instead.

Thanks Mike

Very easy trail, I stayed on the main "driving" path because it was raining today but it was still very nice and beautifully maintained.

We took the Alder (green) trail which was a loop around the shelter, passing the boat house and skirting the lake. We had our dog with us, and as this was his first trip out with us, the timing was inaccurate since he had to stop and sniff every nook and cranny. It was a great day and more of an easy walk than a hike. Definitely recommend it and we will be going again. I have been to Turkey Swamp park for many years paddle boating and picnicking with my class, but this was the first time I used the trails.