Really great trail!!

One of my favorite trails in North Jersey. The Red Trail is actually a 3.6-mile (give or take) loop if you do the entire loop. The Yellow Trail is its own 1.3-mile loop, and you get to it via the Red Trail. The Yellow Trail aka “Top of the Tourne” is the park’s main vista and features views of the NYC skyline (there is also a small makeshift 9/11 memorial there). The climb is moderate but very doable (I’ve seen parents walking toddlers up it!)

The rest of the Red Trail is very easy with few inclines. To do the entire loop you need to travel down the road that cuts through the park for a short distance, but there’s very little traffic and plenty of room to walk along the side.

There is also a section of the Red Trail that is gated to protect wildflowers—hikers with dogs can’t enter here, but it just means you have a slightly longer walk along the road.

The Red Trail leads to Birchwood Lake—I highly recommend doing the loop around it for some nice lake views.

I’d consider this trail fairly highly trafficked. Be on alert if you have a reactive dog that a lot of people let their dogs off-leash here and can’t always guarantee their dogs have a good recall.

All trails, even the lesser traveled ones, are well-marked. I’ve never gotten lost here.

7 months ago

I recorded this trail to be 4.6 miles, slightly more than the 4.3 listed. Some sections are not marked or blazed but the path is still fairly obvious. Intersecting unmarked trails can cause confusion for some. Also the map overlay does not match the trail in some areas. No trail maps available at the trailhead.

Very close to homes and heavily trafficked by hikers, joggers, bikers, and several unleashed dogs. Some dog droppings on the trail but otherwise very clean and well maintained. Plenty of parking.

A portion of the trail comes close to a small area of the lake. Views from the top are mediocre but could be improved by trimming some trees. Lots of benches.

I went late April/early may, which I think was a bad choice because it was hot but all the trees were still bare. I had heard that was a good time for wildflowers on the wildflower trail, but there were barely any. Would try again at a different time of year.

This is an easy loop on a well maintained and heavily trafficked trail. More benches than I have ever seen on such a short hike.

Not much to see, views are nothing special. Some cool boulders and rock features. Lots of other trails in the park.

Plenty of parking at the trailhead.

Well maintained trails. A little confusing from AllTrails about the Red Loop to the lookout but ask enough folks and they'll help.

Nice Trails,Very Scenic

10 months ago

I went on an early Friday morning and the weather was horrible on the way there. I figured - the downpour will be less in the woods and kept driving and oh boy it was perfect!! By the time I got to the state park it was a light drizzle and it was magical, walking in light rain under these tall trees, just myself and my giant dog lol. Trails are marked ok, I kept my app on though and that worked fine. I took the red trail, then red & blue, then the white trail which was bit more narrow. It's only 30 min drive from our house so I'm planning on making this a morning routing with my dog. We jogged some of it and hiked other parts.

Beautiful and peaceful.

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Amazing !

Almost more of a walk than a bike, but not bad! Enjoyed it :)

Friday, July 03, 2015

nice quick little higher, view isn't bad.

Definitely not a difficult hike except for the end. Definitely do the last "Top of Tourne"'s the best view of the trail

Monday, April 20, 2015

Great workout with a gorgeous view of the NYC skyline.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A wonderful short hike. Beautiful views off to the west on the way up and from the top to the east.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I like this place for its views and locality. Nice trails are great in the fall. Picnic areas, a pavillion and a baseball field.

I really enjoy coming here. It is really relaxing.

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