also it says dogs are to be leashed, but be aware that that is not always what happens. Today out of about 10 dogs met on the trail, only about 4 or 5 were on a leash.

went today, the off trails made it confusing in certian areas, however it was a wonderful walk.. some trails markers need to be redone(tree falling etc) however it was really good will definitely add it to my regular trails...

horseback riding
4 months ago

Great place to ride! Well marked trails, varied terrain.

Thompson Park is a really nice place for a local hike or in my case mountain bike ride. Someone said the map is wrong and takes you to a senior community, that is not the case with the map I see now, the parking is right by a dog park within Thompson. The trail outlined is really just one of many and the park actually continues onto the other side of Schoolhouse Road but the trails there are harder to find and often not maintained as well.

This is a great trail to walk and jog along. In the park their is plenty for the family to do to. They have a zoo which houses deer, ducks and goats. They also have places to have a picnic or BBQ and jungle gyms for the kids. The scenery for the trails is nothing spectacular. Just enjoying running through he woods.

road biking
7 months ago

Completed the outer loop with several offshoot trails to the reservoir. The outer loop is mainly paved and winds through meadows and along roadsides. It is nicely maintained. Look for runners, bikes, and rollerbladers. Not really much to talk about. However, the offshoot trails are very fun and most lead to the reservoir. I uploaded pics that include both. Lots of wildlife in the wooded areas by the reservoir. Nice morning hike. Great place for family picnics. If you are looking for more traditional, natural hiking... probably not the place for you. To its credit, it is highly developed and maintained. More like a city park. Very pretty none-the-less. Enjoy!