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The breathtaking and panoramic view from Sunrise Mountain along the Appalachian Trail rewards the hiker who has trekked up the steep side of the mountain. The view encompasses the pastoral farmland of New Jersey to the east and undeveloped forests and mountain ridges to the west. For those who dont relish the idea of climbing up the side of a mountain and following a sometimes rocky and steep trail for a few hours, there is a short drive to the pavilion at the top of the mountain.

8 days ago

I really liked this trail hike through the woods and especially along the river banks. Pretty easy hike. Seemed well marked except when blue went a different way then the app trail showed but we figured it out.

This was such an enjoyable trail. Steep start, but it levels off a bit. The view is amazing.

3 months ago

Hiked Blue Mtn. from Stony Brook (brown) to Tinsley (yellow). Nice Pine Trees, streams, peaceful. Trail not that rocky.

Stony Brook trail to Blue Mountain. Stay on Blue Mtn. Real nice, pine trees, streams, not difficult. Turn right on Tinsley Trail (yellow) to Swenson (red) and Blue Mtn. and back to Stony Brook (brown). Overall nice, quiet hike, no hills. Took 3 hours.

Stony Brook trail to App. trail then back via Tower trail. lots of streams and wide trails along stony brook. Up the mountain was steep and the climb down was treacherous. Overall all moderate to difficult. Good loop.

This hike is rated as moderate. I would rate it as easy. At times the trail was well marked, other times we wound up walking on the road. Supposed to do blue to brown, lost the blue trail marker a few times as well as the brown. Lots of juvenile red efts. Careful where you step.

Well marked trail through the woods. Peaceful but nothing special.

Started at Swenson(red) and Blue Mountain (blue) to Sunrise Mtn. Then down Appalachian trail to Stony brook trail (brown) which ended the loop. Approx. 10miles. Trails clearly marked, steep rocky incline near Sunrise Mtn. Great views.

7 months ago

Quick easy hike, I did the loop clockwise to save the waterfall for last. Waterfall was nice, nothing much else to see on this trail though. The 10 dollar entrance fee is way too steep in my opinion so I wont be heading back.

7 months ago

Really easy trails, the river is beautiful and having a bathroom at the parking area is a plus!! Cell service is spotty but there is cell service (At&T)

Great hike that would fill a morning or afternoon! We hiked it right after a thunderstorm so the bugs were awful, except at the peak because of the breeze. 100% worth it! It can be done with little to no technical gear. Athletic apparel is completely acceptable, just be carful with footing!

Nice hike that hits different sections of Stokes state forest. Starts and ends along Stony Brook with its waterfalls. In the middle it climbs the ridge to the AT and views, and stays on the ridge for a good while before heading down into the valley with its different and large trees. Before it ends it hits the historic site of a silver mine and an old dam (marked as 'dry lake' on the map). Only difficult part is the last section of the Tower trail just before the top were hands are needed to get up the large rocks. Though some sections are rocky or muddy trails, a large part is on old woods roads.

11 months ago

Definitely a fun hike. The park has it as a moderate hike due to the multiple trails you take to make up the loop. But really great walk and saw some cool spot.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Blue Mountain Loop is a newer trail laid out to be a 17.3 mile loop. Info can be found at park office and also in the new trail maps for the park. Great trail, stream side, hard woods, pines, up and downs. Just an over all great mix. You can shorten the loop by taking intersecting trails.

I didn't hike this entire thing, a friend of mine pulled off to a halfway point. I plan to hike it soon and the view at the top is absolutely stunning. A must do if you're in the area.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

D cent mellow trail. Lots of woods and river blue mountain trail

I am 10 years old and I loved the trail. The view at the top and the Fire Tower is worth the hike. The loop is challenging but it's really fun! My sister is 9 and she did it too.

Did this with my wife one day and my ten year old daughter the next. My daughter and I rounded a curve and stumbled across a large black bear about thirty feet from where we stood. I yelled at it and it took off like a bullet making a ton of racket. Highlight of my east coast hikes.

Summer Time Day Hike:
Sun screen and insect repellant are must

Complexity: Hard ( Because of distance and difference in terrain
Terrain: Rocky and flatland - Couple of ascents and descends. Not terrible but rocks make it difficult to walk
Trekking Pole: Since its long hike with rocks, better carry it
Foot Wear: I have seen people running in trail runners but i would suggest good hiking boots to protect your toes.
Scenic View: In 0.5 miles you will see a scenic spot. Sunrise mountain is on the way 5 miles in . Nothing fantastic after. You can even drive to sunrise mountain, They have build a huge building there.
Trail Markers: Trail markers are easy to locate. Just follow the white trail
Parking: Enough parking for 20 cars
Permit: No fees
Animal Encounter: I have seen lots of squirrels ( even though heard that there are lots bear sightings)
Overall timing: I completed in 8.5 hours at 2.4 mph with lots of photo breaks. Start early to do day hike
Streams : Couple of streams by 7/8th mile

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Blue Mountain trail is a new 15 mile loop through Stokes State Forest which has tied together many of the existing trails in Stokes by adding new connectors. This trail goes through 3 campgrounds at Stokes which could be used as a base to do the entire trail
This route is 8.4 mile loop which uses the Tinsley trail to connect a 7 mile section in the northside of Stokes.
This section is very nice as goes along a brook for a while and then takes you gradually up onto the ridge. In general the trail follows old roads so it is not too difficult. The climb down from the ridge on the Cartwright section is very rocky and slippery, and the section on the Swenson to the Tinsley is the same - like walking in an old river bed.

Was a great hike, but definitely more like 20.5+. I day hiked it and it was rough on the old dogs. Very rocky and the rocks were very slippery. When you get to red blaze stay either straight and go left or go left. Right right takes you to a road. Overall a good hike.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

24 ticks between two people in 20 minutes on this trail. Scenery was nice during that very short stretch of a now 15 mile loop (we picked up the trail right after entering the main park entrance of Stokes), but the amount of ticks were enough to make us turn around - and we had used deet to deter them. Note: Blue Mountain Loop Trail is GREY on the Stokes State Forest Map, but on the trailblazers, it's now marked blue with a dark blue dot.

I recorded this hike to be 20.5 miles starting and ending at the Culvers Gap parking lot. The majority is on the AT until you reach the southern edge of High Point State Park. Cross Deckertown Turnpike continue on the AT then turn around on the red trail.

Lots of nice views and plenty of wildlife. This is a heavily trafficked area so dont expect to be alone. Start early, rest often, and bring extra water.

Friday, June 16, 2017

this is a beautiful trail moving along flat brook so lots of drinking for your dog and shallow swimming, i walk this trail often and it is very quiet. During our very hot days it is cool.i find it an easy but sometime rocky hike

Fun, beautiful view, not too easy and not too hard.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

great trail

Friday, April 21, 2017

South part of new Blue Mountain trail. Beautiful trail if you like lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Done it twice now - once in January with light snow cover and once in April. Minimal, gradual climb as most is in a valley below the Kittatinny Ridge. Lots if intersecting trails so it can be made longer.
Going back to do the north part as soon as I can

Saturday, April 08, 2017

The tail is a little wet but doable

Came here with Boy Scouts and I really enjoyed the views!

Nice hike with my son for his eight birthday. We parked at Culver's Gap lot and walked along Sunrise Mountain Road to Coursen Trail (blue). Took Stony Brook Trail (brown) to the AT (white) and back down to the parking.

I recorded this loop to be a little more than 6.25 miles. Some very rocky and wet areas to maneuver around. A few small waterfalls. Great views along the AT.

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