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Easy-moderate home with a few small water features.

Nice well marked trails- closer to easy than moderate

Easy trail. “Walk in the Woods”.

great hike. fun Rocky areas

loved this hike!
-great boulder fields and lots of rocks so have some good hiking boots ready.

-not too steep but some ups and downs.

-plenty of boulders to explore and climb

-well marked for the most part but may be looking for markers at some points

One of the best local trails in the area.

Much steeper and rockier than I thought. Lots of fun. Depending on the path you choose, not at all appropriate for dogs! Also, not as well indicated as I would have expected. Thank goodness for all the "donation" signs on the trees!

Let's face it, there is not a lot of elevation to be had in the middle of Jersey. Clayton has some fun hills and the Yellow Trail at Baldpate will get your heart pumping a bit, but the Sourlands have quickly become my "local" favorite. Rocky, but very nice trails, not overgrown at all, even mid-summer. Odd system for marking trails, and marked pretty well... for the most part. I always seem to lose the trail at the top North corner, by the boulders. People seem to wander around and explore in this area a lot so a distinct trail is no so easy to follow. Fortunately, its pretty difficult to really get lost, just head downhill. There are a lot of options for distance and difficulty. Overall, a great place, but beware, the lot gets very full, very fast on the weekends.

Very nice and somewhat vigorous trek through the Sours. Just enough traffic to break up the still of mid day with some pleasantries of conversation from a passerby. Delightful yet energetic afoot in these hills. ☮️

very nice but overcrowded on the weekends

This trail was perfect for a beginner hiker like myself. Very easy to stay on trail and have cell service throughout. Very forested atmosphere with nice scenery. However, I was hoping there would be a nice view at some point on this trail but there was none. Would recommend.

Nice preserve.

Well marked route but the trail intersections were confusing, had to stop and help a few people along the way, and I got turned around twice myself (trail post 5 is an example). I hiked this wearing my 19mo old in a hiking carrier and found this trail challenging, but doable. Very Rocky and a lot of uphill with no "ahh" moment, but it's quiet and serene.

Good trail clearly marked.

Nice hike, did the entire trail and the best part is climbing over to the quarry after the big rocks

This was a fantastic hiking trail. I love to climb on some rocks so this was great. Be sure to have proper footwear since there are so many rocks you can easily twist an ankle. Also, if you bring a dog be sure they have taken tick treatment. Our dog does and when we got home there were over 12 ticks on him. Besides that, I loved the trail!

great trail a lot nature to see

One of my favorites in the area! Often crowded so get there early. Bring a map printout with you as recently I haven't found the map boxes to be refilled and it's easy to get lost on the trails here. Very popular spot for mountain climbers since the boulders are perfect for free play! All around a nice location, serene spots, and a wonderful place for a day hike.

Fun local hike for central jersey

A nice hike, was sometimes very steep and rocky but that made it fun and interesting. Hiked for about 2 and a half hours.

First time here, we'll be back!

Great trail lots of boulders to climb about a mile of the trail is very muddy recommend dry weather to hike overall good hike

trail running
Monday, January 09, 2017

Probably the best place to train for M.U.T. running near central jersey, often crowded.

Lovely winter trail. Well marked, nicely graded and maintained. Love the various paths. Am looking forward to a return visit!

Nice well Marked trails steep uphill gets your heart pumping. Lots of rocks in the path one must keep their eye on. Was there on a Saturday good weather the parking lot was so full people were parked on the grass lots of people and pets

Trailhead parking fills up quickly on the weekends. PortaJohn at start of trail. Trails are very rocky and this inflamed my plantar fasciitis. Lots of people on the trail. Many different options/trails to choose from.

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