nothing about this trail is moderate, easy at best. muddy but flat. highly traveled by mountain bikers who take over the trail.

walk this Trail me and my girlfriend pretty challenging Trail would do it again

1 month ago

good trail got sidetracked a little bit by the old farm houses nonetheless kept the road to my left made it out we do it again probably combine the red blue and white Trail together 6.6 mile hike

Surprisingly adventurist hike. Highly recommend boots. Trail features an almost enchanting closed in cedar forest. Followed by a hardwood wooded area along the stream. Trail also skirts along open fields. Not very strenuous. Appears to be used mainly by mountain bikers. Several abandoned farmhouses along the way. Loaded with blackberry bushes. Definitely a must do in the late summer.

Love this place, was here at 5am yesterday before the ice melted and it was perfect!

Nice brisk walk on the path. Not overly crowded and the people I encountered were all very nice. Great for all hiking ability levels

I will be back on my bike next.

Nice trail for hiking and mountain biking! Just that trail markings are little confusing there are 3 trails red blue and white.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Great mtb

first try, didn't finish , have come back :)

My daughter and I found a quiet spot with the creek running by us and read a book. Nice and relaxing. It was a lot of fun-we’ll be back!

Very good trail for.hiking and mountain biking.

Just a straight hike, not very scenic and a lot of bikers! It was very winding and fun but beware of ticks! My partner had 4 on him by the time we left and three more when we got home!

Nice trails good jumps

mountain biking
7 months ago

It was wonderful trail all the times .. I have gone this trail at least 20-30 times since last 4 years.

was good but couldnt finish since it got dark

Nice easy hike but definitely want to do mountain bike on this trail.

This is a relatively easy hiking trail. It might be more fun for mountain biking. I saw more people doing mountain biking than hiking.

first one for me for mountain biking, though I used my sport hybrid, fell off from bike couple of times, but overall this is good mountain biking trail. would love to do it again but this time with mountain bike of course.

Great for Mountain Biking

A lot of fun. It has many jumps, bumps, and different scenery which to enjoy. Definitely challenging. However, could be marked better at the point in which the loop starts..We got lost for a bit before finding the trail again (start-blue).

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

even though signs say for bikes to yield to hikers, that isn't how it works. self preservation demands that hikers yield to bikes. trail is way to narrow to walk next to someone or to pass another party (on foot or on wheels) without stepping to the side. beautiful scenery though.

mountain biking
Sunday, October 15, 2017

Great MTB trail, lots of small jumps and features.

mountain biking
Sunday, October 15, 2017

great for biking. It'll be muddy/ wet for at least a day after rain. some trails have challenging parts but most are easy overall. Only one trail is clearly marked no bikes and if you go on it you'll know. I don't know why the hikers are complaining, it's a multi use trail for non motorized activities. bikes are allowed.
ps - a big thank you to the groups that help maintain this trail system.

No Dogs? How about no mountain bikes on the trails that are marked hiking only and how about not tearing the hiking trail markers down so you can ride. Nice during the week weekends too busy. Never did see a no dogs sign

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Great trail nice scenery.

trail running
Monday, August 21, 2017

Six Mile Run is the name of the stream that runs through the property; don't be confused and think that's the distance of the trails. I've been enjoying the trails at 6MR since 2002 and love them. Mountain bike use has increased drastically over the years, but I still enjoy them for trail running and hiking. Most cyclists say "thank you" when you jump into the poison ivy for them. :-)

Nice ride color coded paths could be marked better, few obstacles not overly difficult if riding for the first time would recommend giving yourself a few hrs and pending on skill maybe not doing it solo all together a good ride be safe!!!

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