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11 days ago

2 months ago

Great place to get lost! We lost track of the trail markers and just kept going on the path until we couldn't go any further. At which point we turned around and got lost, getting tangled in many thornbushes, trees, shrubs and dog leashes in the process of trying to find the trail again. At one point we thought we were lost forever and would starve to death within a mile of many busy roads that we could hear but not see. And then we had the brilliant idea to let the border collie off leash and he found the trail for us. All around, an A+ experience!

3 months ago

Great local park! I love the variety of trails that you can connect onto to add distance to your hike or run. It was great in the spring with all the mountain laurel blooming. Usually quiet, it's rare that I see more than 3 or 4 people on the trails since there are so many options.

Great walk. Forgot to record. Did the loop, hidden creek and Pine trail.

5 months ago

Part of Shark River Park is west of the Garden State Parkway which mostly runs along Shark River brook. At night there are a few flying tree squirrels in this very remote area. Shine a light at night into the 50 foot high oak and maple trees to see them. Also above the brook is a dirt road with hundreds of frogs and toads in the deep road puddles like your in Jurassic Park.

Keep heading further west behind the Tally Ho Restaurant and there is the former Blueberry Acres farm (mostly private property) that borders some of the park along the stream where there are still thousands of uncultivated blueberry bushes and trees which are still thriving.

There is also a section of Shark River Park east of Gully Road which is quite remote with about 500 acres on the south side of lower Shark River brook as you head east toward Remsen Mill Road. In this area sandstone outcropping formations appear here and there.

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