Easy is NOT!

The NOT, is capitalized but is not meant as an angry expression.

To me Manasquan Reservoir trail is easy. Is mostly one flat, wide, trail there. Allaire is not easy. Bring a map or a good app to guide you. You can and will get lost otherwise.

I actually enjoyed my walk which felt more like hiking. First timers, be mindful of the terrain, you can easily twist an ankle. There is a lot of bike trails.

Tried to follow the supposedly “easy” orange trail which shows on the Trail app. Took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up doing 4.5 miles instead of the 5.7 intended. Didn’t mind at all! I was so tired of the many turns and ups and down.

At some point found a group of cyclists who were very mindful of the 54 years old coming at them in an up hill narrow trail. Thanks people for being so courteous!

I wouldn’t bring children unless I was clear of the trail to follow and that it’s an easy one.

Give it a tried. You might like it!