Hidden in the southwestern part of the state is Parvin State Park, a park whose history is as varied as its wildlife. Situated on the edge of the Pine Barrens, the park not only has pine forests typical to the area but also a swamp hardwood forest. Spring bursts out in bright colors and rich fragrances with blossoming dogwood, laurel, holly, magnolia, wild azalea and over 200 kinds of flowering plants. Thundergust Lake, Parvin Lake and Muddy Run are popular for fishing and boating. Swimming is allowed in Parvin Lake only. This park served as home for the Civilian Conservation Corps from 1933 to 1941, a summer camp for the children of displaced Japanese Americans in 1943, a POW camp for German prisoners in 1944 and temporary housing for the Kalmycks who fled their homelands in Eastern Europe in 1952.

There's a nice selection of trails.

Clean well marked trail. Enjoyed with wife

4 months ago

Very scenic local trail. Took my 2 dogs with me on the green trail very nice 3 mile track.

Took the pup with me today. Trails are well maintained and the park itself is clean. Will definitely be back!

Good local trail around a scenic lake

I've done this trail several times and every time has been really great. In winter, it has always been relatively un-crowded, but make sure you go when it is rather dry because the trail can get marshy.

1 year ago

It was nice.

Nice day to take the pup out for a little walk. Even though the red trail was posted closed due to storm damage, we took it anyway. Very muddy, and bridges were out in the swamp. I thought it made the easy lazy walk threw the woods into something of a challenge. We were already a mile or so into the trails before I started the tracking. We covered a little over 5 miles before getting back to the lot, but I guess that's what happens when you let the dog pick the route. Great trip anyway.

I loved it there... Had nice morning runs in this beautiful place!