Love it here. Great birding!

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3 months ago

Awesome spot, has multiple trails. An array of wildlife can be found here and there is a nature center you can go in and learn about the trail. Also very safe I have seen police patrolling the trail routinely. Also you can pick up maps under the pavillion near the parking before starting the trails.

A bit hard to navigate. You wander through looping, poorly-marked trails through some scrubby woods.
Be sure to go along the river. You can see the bridge and a bunch of strange industrial stuff. Lots of animal tracks in the mud. Take the Cove Trail out along the water. It’s a narrow way that takes you out along the swamp. Really great spot to see tons of birds. You will frequently see deer — plus a menacing flock of wild turkeys if often looming somewhere in the woods.

27 days ago

Friday, February 17, 2017

nature trips
Sunday, June 01, 2014