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Very good trail, beautiful, very good scenery, Even at one of its stops you can bbq , but no bathroom.

This is one of the best trails my husband and I have hiked recently. A super convenient 20-minute drive from the Upper West Side of NYC, this is a great trail if you don’t have time for a longer hike. It took us about 2.5 hours to hike it, including making several stops to see the view, enjoy the waterfall and hydrate! It is difficult, but very rewarding. Make sure you have proper footwear, and plenty of cold water if you go on a hot day like we did!

We highly recommend starting to the south (turning left at the first fork) and descending the rock stairs first. This will allow you to do a really fun ascending rock scramble when you get to the Giant Stairs, and puts the waterfall and a number of amazing vistas close to the end of the loop, which I prefer to have towards the end, rather than right at the beginning when I don’t feel like stopping. Plus, this is a tough trail and would have been much less fun to end it with climbing super steep stairs.

We hiked it on a relatively hot day and got a late start, but next time, we intend to go much earlier so we don’t get caught in the mid-day sun, as much of the rock scrambling is not anywhere near the shade. Thankfully, we both had climbing gloves, as the rocks got super hot and touching them was not much fun!

The trail was moderately busy for a Saturday, and people were very good about letting you pass them if they were moving slow. And a bunch of folks had dogs with them.

Two thumbs up! We will be back for sure.

WOW be prepared to work. not for beginner. This is not your casual walk in the park.

14 days ago

This trail is so much fun ! You hike right along side the water with a great view of Yonkers . Great work out due to varied terrain . You can hike this trail for at least 3 hours and you don’t see too many people on these trails . The markers are white and can be a tad hard to see due to the moss but there’s only one trail so there’s no way for you to get lost ! If you’re not sure , check this trail out and you’ll be very much surprised !

challenging and beautiful. Definitly not kidding about good footwear the rock scramble was intense. but loved the view and the workout. my favorite hike to date!

Really enjoyed this hike. Stairs down to Shore Trail are pretty steep in places, but easy to follow. Once you get to the rock scrambling it's pretty unrelenting for a mile or so, with a few areas where you can take a breather. Nice views of a small peaceful cove, the cliffs above, and the Tappan Zee Bridge when you get further north. I wouldn't want to do it on a hot day with the sun beating down on the rocks. You cross through a chain link fence into New York then the lovely Peanut Leap Falls is just a bit further. Be sure to stop above the falls at a little lookout just off the trail. Pretty steadily back uphill until you get to the parking lot again, with some nice views out over the Hudson and lots of stone steps, though it's mostly shady. I'd do this hike again - definitely a unique experience.

This is a really good trail if you get it on a not so busy day. My girlfriend and I went on a Thursday with our 2 dogs. We started by the park commission office onto long path. Either direction you go there will be a steep climb. We started to the left, it was a little close to the highway for our liking but out dogs are good at staying on the path so it was fine. Plenty of good over looks of NY. If there was more people would have been a litter crowd to have the dogs off lease but if you are going with out them not a worry. Great trail over all.

Challenging and interesting hike. Goes from scenic cliffs to very sketchy rock scrambling and back, with good views throughout. Don’t bring your dog.

At first you don’t think this hike is that hard but the you hit an hour of navigating a sloping rocky terrain. Nicely tired at the end.

This is such a lovely hike, however make sure you have a good footwear! I would agree with the classification as hard.

1 month ago

Beautiful view of New York and the George Washington Bridge. Would not recommend talking kids or dogs. Rocky trial

My absolute favorite hike in the NY metro area. Fun, challenging trek with diverse terrain and landscape views that make every revisit a discovery. Peanut Leap Cascade can be anything from a trickle, to a roaring surge, to a frozen fortress, and you'll never know until round the tree-lined bend to see it. The mile-long boulder stretch provides ample opportunities for personal picnic spots along the Hudson shore. Peregrine falcons nest in the cliff face, and if you track down someone with a spotting scope they'll more than likely share a closeup with you. Listen for loud knocking in the woods along the shore and you might spot the giant, flashy pileated woodpecker.

This is a good 2.5-hr workout hike for me, but can easily spend 3+ hours taking in all the views and scrambling up the boulders. I've also always lost the trail on the northern section of Long Path and end up bushwhacking to Peanut Leap. The stair climb back up to the ridge from the south end is killer.

Sturdy footwear highly recommended for this, and you should be comfortable scrambling on hands and knees, especially in the winter when sections of the stairs are frozen over.

hard but worth

Great day hike.

My 5th time here, great workouts, beautiful waterfalls and fun swing

This trail was awesome. Completely underestimated the “hard” label. A lot of fallen trees so you have to veer off the trail a few times. Heed the warning and do not bring pets because the Giant Stairs portion isn’t meant for animals. Fun swing at the bottom near the waterfall. The 3.7 miles tag is misleading, when you hike and climb and go through some obstacles, it’s definitely longer. It took my gf and I about 6.5 hours to complete the entire trail. Definitely awesome to conquer, but also would love to see some cleaning up and clearer markers.

2 months ago

A little wet on the upper part of the trail, but great views throughout the hike. Loved the rock scrambling required at on the shoreline trail. With the trees being leaf free this time of the year, we were able to see some great views of the cliffs from below.

So much fun with the dog!

Started at the alpine boat basin to make it an 8-9 mile trip. Views on top of the palisades were nice. Lots of litter though. Heavily trafficked areas. Took 6 hours for the extended loop. Navigating the rocky parts was slow. Really muddy and slushy on the long path at the top. Good workout.

Great morning hike for February!
My friend and I really enjoyed everything this trail offer, the “stairs” the waterfall , the workout! In 3 hours and of course the views.

Went in the summer. Great rock scrambling and views of the Hudson

nice easy hike, great views, rock scramble along Hudson is fun.

Gorgeous hike with plenty of Hudson River views and lookouts. Varying terrain from trails to a mile of rock scrambling, and an unexpected waterfall at the northernmost portion of the loop. High chance of wind chill in the winter due to being right on the River for a large portion of the hike, however that is made worth it with some views of the cliffs that would be invisible when the trees are not bare.

3 months ago


Very difficult but challenging and fun. The white trail is pretty hard, lots of maneuvering but fun. Took us about 2.5hrs in the snow. We were soaked with sweat, great workout. I wouldn’t recommend doing this hike in the snow but, we did survive, with no casualties. Lol...

Pretty challenging trail, especially the Giant Stairs. The northern part of decent towards the Giant Stairs is steep too. The views are amazing!
There is a 2012 rockfall in the middle, which has lighter colour than the rest of the cliffs.

5 months ago

Lovely trail. Definitely easier hiking this loop clockwise in my opinion. Easily doable with family—children and dogs alike. There might be some steeper/rocky areas otherwise a fairly easy trail.

6 months ago

Steep and rocky but worth it. Great views. Cool being above the birds soaring by. We came early so not many people until we were heading back. Giant steps a bit hard for our med size dog so we're def coming back without her and going all the way around.

Hike hike hard

Amazing trail

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