nice easy hike, great views, rock scramble along Hudson is fun.

Gorgeous hike with plenty of Hudson River views and lookouts. Varying terrain from trails to a mile of rock scrambling, and an unexpected waterfall at the northernmost portion of the loop. High chance of wind chill in the winter due to being right on the River for a large portion of the hike, however that is made worth it with some views of the cliffs that would be invisible when the trees are not bare.


Very difficult but challenging and fun. The white trail is pretty hard, lots of maneuvering but fun. Took us about 2.5hrs in the snow. We were soaked with sweat, great workout. I wouldn’t recommend doing this hike in the snow but, we did survive, with no casualties. Lol...

Pretty challenging trail, especially the Giant Stairs. The northern part of decent towards the Giant Stairs is steep too. The views are amazing!
There is a 2012 rockfall in the middle, which has lighter colour than the rest of the cliffs.

2 months ago

Lovely trail. Definitely easier hiking this loop clockwise in my opinion. Easily doable with family—children and dogs alike. There might be some steeper/rocky areas otherwise a fairly easy trail.

2 months ago

Steep and rocky but worth it. Great views. Cool being above the birds soaring by. We came early so not many people until we were heading back. Giant steps a bit hard for our med size dog so we're def coming back without her and going all the way around.

Hike hike hard

Amazing trail

Nice trail. Pretty heavily trafficked on a Saturday at 10am. Parking lot was half full when I got there but when leaving it was jam packed with no spots. (Free parking). Pretty amazing views. Great view of the bridge. Waterfall was dried up when I went. Some tricky parts, but doable and rewarding.

Breathtaking views along the Hudson. 500+ foot drops near the edges. I’d like to do this again soon because Winter is coming - I would not attempt this trail in the winter or even when it is wet/moist because the rocks are challenging to maneuver.

3 months ago

It is a pretty long trail but I thought it was fairly easy. The terrain is pretty consistent (a little uneven). I didn't expect that it was so close to the parkway but with some headphones it was fine. The view were amazing especially if you were bold enough to venture off to the side paths. The stairs were pretty killer though. I did the long trail going and the scenic/shore trail back.

Some steep parts and the rock scramble is long and hard, but walking right along the Hudson River with the palisades towering over you is really awesome. Interesting variety of scenery.

Fun for a rock scramble through the Giant Steps. About on the crowded side.

4 months ago

This was a great work out. Good amount of rock scrambling and the stairs at the end of the loop are tiring, but definitely doable. Went on a Sunday morning and it wasn't too crowded.

One of the challenging hikes I've done. I'd recommend to wear good hiking shoes and be prepared to finish this trail in 3 plus hrs.

The giant steps were amazing.

Definitely leave 3+ hours to complete. Very strenuous. Was sweating my balls off. At any point your a step away from breaking your ankle in between 2 rocks. Was pressed on time with the sunset so I went fast. was crawling up the steps at the end. Was definitely rewarding once finished.

Fun trail and a decent exercise, but if you're in decent shape and have decent coordination this trail should be rated easy to moderate. Definitely not for pets or physically impaired humans since you have to work your way through big rocks. Beautiful views and scenery and pretty heavily trafficked.

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