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High pointe has a really nice view. Totally worth the effort. The trail itself is fairly a nice mix of easy plus moderate. You have times when you are climbing and other times when it’s pretty flat and you can catch a breather. The trail is very well marked and the signs are difficult to miss.

Definitely recommend in October to view fall colors. Very good even otherwise.

Gonna be honest: in the end I loved this hike. But at first, it was VERY difficult to find the correct trail and I wasted about an hour along with another group trying to find the correct way to High Point. I’m sure it’s easier to find outside of fall, but with leaves covering EVERY path, it’s super hard to determine what’s actually a trail and what isn’t. I would recommend just walking up Snake Den rd until you get to the trail head which is an Info Stand (not the one in the parking lot). The actual hike can be treacherous if you aren’t skilled at climbing over rocks and definitely wear good shoes or you’ll have a rolled and/or broken ankle in no time (especially on slippery leaves or mud)

I believe this is the trail we came Down from the high point.
Feom the parking lot it’s called the highland trail it was a aqua blue trail with the green. To get to the top you have to go up to green and then yellow then orange then red and white to the top. It was definitely a lot less challenging then the scramble of the blue. This trail from the trail head is the fork on the left side when you see all the trail head colors.

The high point is very beautiful! But the trail is not well defined... there was a lot of times that we went off trail. I wished there was more trail marker. We ended up going the blue diamond and blue trail then we had to follow the yellow trail up until a the red and white trail. Coming down we went the red and white to the orange to the yellow where we got the green trail to the parking lot by otter. The first thing you do feom the parking lot is a stream and it had just rained heavy on Friday so the stream was definitely flowing. It’s not a super wet trail but at times muddy and rocky with air of slippery fallen leaves. The view st high point was definitely worth it.
But we had the luck that someone had actually left a bag of the map and stick to borrow by the trail head. It was helpful. Thank you whoever you are kind person. We left it where we found it.

Hiked Assiniwikam from the New Weis Center, green to red to pink. Gradual to start, steeper towards the mountain but still easy. Incredible, vast views from the main ledge. Looped back down to white to blue to Hi Point

Great views on much of the blue and red trails between Otter's Hole and Oslo Rock. Some areas had standing water today to avoid, but nothing too hard to manage. For the area on the blue trail to choose easier vs rockier path-the rockier starts out just fine and gets to a pretty steep all rock area. Enjoyed it, but some may prefer the less steep option.

good hike. some rough spots, but overall very simple and peaceful

11/3/18 - Red trail and Otter Hole are flooded.

Great hike. A little rocky. Nice views and close to NYC

2 months ago

Great hike! Hi-Point is quality payoff, while the other lookouts are underwhelming in comparison. Some steep portions, but little scrambling. Non-technical and not a marathon - easy-peasy, don't believe the "strenuous" proselytizers. Well worth a few hours of forest strolling (and the drive)!

Good overall hike. Some good views. Moderately strenuous in some spots

Nice hike overall - great views from the top on the Wanaque reservoir. Little confusing at itmes as the rout uses few different trail colors - thank god for the All Trail app with nice tracking feature.

Wasn't a great hike. Surrounded by tree coverage, only to end at an anti-climactic vista blocked by trees. Go to the Delaware Water Gap for better views, or just hike directly along the shoreline of the lake close by to this trailhead.

So close to home and never disappoints. Done this 4 times in different directions and for only 2 miles it has a bit of everything. Great views, steep inclines and declines (if you choose that route) and rock scrambles.

3 months ago

Fun trail, only couple of spots where you have to be careful, do some minor climbing which makes this qualify as hard. Otherwise some rocky terrain where you just have to watch your footing for some parts. Awesome views though make it worth it. Good hike for those who want a bit of a challenge in that aspect. Not challenging in the distance aspect or how long it is.

Unbelievable view from the top. A rocky terrain. The trailhead is behind the Natural swimming pool.

Conditions were very wet and rainy today. I pieced together a route very similar to this offering and found that while there were some stretches of great singletrack, the majority is very rocky and highly technical for trail running. This park is, in my opinion, great for hiking and seeing the views (we ran into two very brave deer towards the peak) but it is not a highly enjoyable trail run. It may be more enjoyable when dry as slipping on the numerous rocks would be less of a concern

3 months ago

Lightly trafficked easy/moderate trail. Good workout .

Absolutely amazing! Great experience! For my first time hiking, I loved it!

Beautiful hike. Lots of views at several different points. Rock scrambles. Lots of up steep up hill and down hill rocky climbs. Several streams, ponds and waterfalls.
We almost brought our two younger kids with us 2 &; 5 bc we normally bring them when hiking back home in VA. I’m so glad we didn’t. We never could have made it with them. Excellent workout! We saw NYC from one of the peaks. If this is moderate, hard has to be mountain climbing. Be prepared. Bring more water than you think you’ll need. Lots of spiders and bees also. We sprayed several times... hopefully no ticks.. headed home now.
We also came across 5 snakes . All slithered away from us. Certainly a true adventure for our family!

One of the best trails in New Jersey for sure if you follow this route. You certainly get a little bit of everything north jersey has to offer in one hike. The view at the highest point is stunning in the summer. It’s definitely a moderate trail if not a little above that. It’s a 6 mile a** kicker for sure with steep inclines and declines scattered throughout. I went Green to Blue to Yellow/White if you’re following markers. Highly recommend!

Great trail! Lots of rocks to walk up, amazing views. My 7 year old kept up with no problem, but it's not an easy trail. It took us about 3 hours to complete the loop.

Got engaged here. The views were so beautiful and you can see the NYC skyline. It reminded me of a hike in the Adirondack mountains. Perfect place for a proposal :)

This trail is ok, not many views unless you take the short side trail to Wyanokie high point which I did at the end of the hike, lots of nice views up there but unfortunatley there is also a good amount of graffiti. The trail can be hard to follow at times since there are so many side trails so make sure you have the alltrails map downloaded. Parking lot was pretty full on a early saturday but this trail was mostly quiet, only passed a few other hikers.

This trail is great! Moderate is a good rating as you don’t really have too many strenuous spots but overall just very consistent rocky uphill/downhill terrain. There is a part where you can select to go the more difficult steep part, and I chose to go the easier alternate route because I had my dog with me who occasionally struggles with big rocks. You have plenty of great areas to rest with beautiful views!! I will definitely be doing this hike again.

great hike
scenic views, nice peaks
pay attention to trail colors

I have a very special place in my heart for this hike. Some spots are tough.. the views make it worth it. In a few areas you walk through a lot of brush.. check for ticks and mind your footing, all good. Make sure to stop along the way to enjoy the many views you will see.

Challenging rugged terrain with a few nice overlooks on the way to the incredible 360 degree view at Wyanokie High Point. Great for all skill levels.

5 months ago

Was having a great time in this beautiful forest until I came across a black bear right before high point on the white trail with red dot in the middle... Thankfully, it turned once it saw me. Be cautious of your surrounding! Lots of wildlife here, saw deers and a turkey.

Really enjoyed this hike! Waterfalls were gorgeous and the high point had amazing views. There was some confusion with the trail markers not being the most obvious but we adapted.

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