mountain biking
8 days ago

clean park, some hidden trails

Followed the GPS to the park parking lot where I started. When exiting the park you take a right ( or at least I did) need to walk down the road 150 yards or so and it's on your left. I followed the white red diamond for the majority of the trip. If you like spider webs this is the trail for you! Must have walked through 20+ full ones.

Got lost Lots of times. This trail is extremely difficult. The trails very very narrow and very steep at sometimes. Lots of ATV trails that make it very confusing. Pay attention to the markers or you will get lost super easily.

I posted a picture of the trail map because no one else has its very helpful.

Very good for running and bike ride.

Great hike! The only problem I had was the trail head wasn't marked very well. You need to walk on the street from the parking at the park to find the trail.

Trail can be lost easily definitely start early. Ended up doing the last two miles in the dark, wasn't too bad.

Also the place is swarming with ticks. Found more than ten on my dog, 2 on me, and three on my friend. So be careful.

8 months ago

This hike is considered to be one of the most challenging routes in NJ. It has a little bit of everything from road walking to steep climbs without switchbacks. After the road walk, the hike starts on what appears to be a woods rd and the first turn-off to the left is not marked so you have to watch for it on the phone/GPS. A lot of the climbs have a 20% grade. After you complete this hike, you will understand why it is “accessible from March until October.” Some areas of the trail are so rugged that when covered with snow/ice they would be impassable. The hike might be easier in the counterclockwise direction where you go up most of the rock scrambles rather than down them.

We started the hike at the Stonetown Recreation Center Parking Lot and went clockwise following the route recorded by John Watson. Our mileage and elevation gain were slightly different due to losing the trail, bushwacking to views, etc. Stats from my Garmin GPS were 11.0 miles and 3174 ft elevation gain. We completed the hike in 6 hrs with an avg pace of 1.8 mph.

9 months ago