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Great trail for hiking and biking. Excellent condition

no shade
1 month ago

Did all of Maidenhead trail with portion of Lawrence Hopewell Trail. Definitely a must for beginners. Part of trail does not have any shade. Absolutely beautiful in the morning with plenty of wildlife near the lakes and ponds.

This is an easy hike, pretty flat, through the Mercer Meadows "Pole Farm District" and "Farm District." Good in the evenings at sunset. Lots of wildflowers in the spring and fall especially. There's a nice observation platform for wildlife viewing.

I don't seem to be able to suggest an edit to the name of this trail, but if I could, I'd suggest modifying it slightly to "Lawrence-Hopewell Trail - Mercer Meadows Segment." The actual Lawrence Hopewell Trail is a 19 mile loop between Lawrence and Hopewell townships. A full map of it is available here: http://lhtrail.org/explore2/

This trail is in Mercer Meadows County Park in Lawrence and Hopewell Townships in New Jersey. The trail starts on Keefe Road in Lawrence Township and joins up with the Lawrence Hopewell Trail in Hopewell Township just before heading to Rosedale Lake. The trail is relatively flat -- not strenuous by any means -- but an excellent spot for viewing wildlife, particularly in the twilight hours, and wildflowers, particularly in spring and fall. The surface is crushed stone. Several relatively new footbridges take hikers over areas that turn marshy after rain.

Best place around to bike! Trails vary from crushed rock to pavement and there are a variety of loops and trail options available in addition to the main LHT. Well-maintained with benches, bathrooms, and informative maps and nature stations throughout.

nice trail really well maintained, some of the non paved/ graveled sections were muddy due to rain fall

Nice way to get some outdoor experience in nature within steps of hotel in Lawrenceville.

3/23/19 - Literally a walk in the park. If you enter at the Trail Head, you'll have to walk quite a ways to get to the actual loop, which we did not do Rusty. Not much scenery on this route. This would made for a great bike ride, which is what all the signs indicate. I'll definitely come back but will look for an entrance closer to the loop.

nice views. it isn't really a loop from what we saw but we took a different trial to loop back

Not sure why this hike is rated as moderate unless it's based on distance. This is a relatively flat trail, either paved or of crushed cinder, with few wooded areas. It's a nice walk but not what I would consider hiking.

Wide open trails, beautiful scenery and wildlife. Great for biking, bird watching, family hike. Only small negative (for me) - you will see people :)

Really great easy trail to ride. Lots to see and a hidden gem.

It's always been a challenge to find a trail that had light traffic and was pretty wide open. We have a young guard dog, 127lbs, if he doesn't know u and u are approaching us, he's gonna "defend mom" aka seriously scare the s***t out of everyone. Tried hiking with him in the Ramapo State Forest but that's waaay too dangerous with the trails being narrow and steep half the time. Every time ppl would pass, I had to basically head up the mountain and hope for the best on the way down. Not fun. This trail was the opposite - super wide, well marked, very light traffic (and that's on a Saturday morning!). Will def make it a weekly thing!

Nice place but a lot of foot traffic depending on the time that you go. The trails are scenic but if solitude is what you're looking for, this isn't the place to go. Going to try going during the week day when I'm able to in hopes it is slightly better!

Love the many trails that can be used. It can feel like a new park just by exploring a new section of the park. In most parts of the park biking is really easy. And they keep adding trails to the park. I use it mostly for hiking and a little birding.

Great, well maintained, pretty lake and a nice little creek down in the woods of Rosedale park. Well trafficked so don't expect solitude during peak hours, but most weekdays are rather quiet. Often see horses on the trails. Easy terrain, but the non-gravel trails get quite muddy and sloppy in spring/fall when it's been raining frequently. Plenty of trails with enough variation to make a walk of whatever length you want, but it's all mostly flat, only a few hills. And quite a few deer and other wildlife wandering around to see.

Beautiful, relatively new and very well marked trail! I started from lake Rosedale in Rosedale Park and did the loop around Northwest Park. This trail or at least this section is not paved so I wasn't crazy excited but the lake, the scenery in general and the fact that trail is very well marked with signs showing you where to go were reasons I had fun on that trail. The trail can take you to see different things (AT&T tower, farmlands, etc.) so the signs are great help.

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