This is a very nice paved trail. If you're looking for a real hike, this is not the place, but it's a lovely place to take a long walk with dogs or strollers. There's plenty of lake views and good amount of wildlife to take in. A fun place to take the whole family!

It has been awhile but this park has a lot of different activities. I have taken some nice photos of red tail hawk. Sorry no pix on this phone.

Good place to start. A lot of paved walkways with some that veer a little further into the woods. Ended up walking alongside the lake. Good for beginners.

This is a great place to run for beginners or those looking for something easy, small portions of it are paved but once you get past that, it's all narrow trails with tight turns and small rolling hills

This is not a difficult trail run at all. Paved paths, but some nice elevation changes (for flat NJ). Good place to run.